Pain in the chest with breastfeeding: a sign of what?

Chest pain in breastfeeding: a sign of what?

Problems for beginners

Very often, pain in the chest during feeding appears in newly mums. Nursing women feel the first tides of milk, which can be accompanied by a feeling of bursting of the mammary glands, involuntary leakage of milk. This occurs under the influence of the hormone oxytocin, the level of which a woman who has just given birth literally goes off scale. As a rule, the problem disappears independently after 2-3 weeks of breastfeeding. If, after this time, the mammary glands continue to ache during milk rushes, it makes sense to show the doctor.

Another common problem of”newcomers” is the wrong capture of the baby`s breasts. In this case, the nipples may appear irritated and even cracked. In this scenario, breastfeeding becomes a real meal for the mother. However, problems with nipples are visible to the naked eye, and therefore it is unlikely that a woman who has them will be puzzled why her chest hurts.

Treated cracked nipples can be a cream containing lanolin or panthenol. In addition, it makes sense to consult a pediatrician or a breastfeeding consultant to show how the child should grasp the chest.


Very often when feeding, it hurts in the chest in those women who suffer from candidiasis, or, more simply, breast milkworm. Unpleasant sensations in this case can occur not only during feeding, but also after it. The child of a woman suffering from candidiasis, as a rule, is also infected with this fungal infection. You can check this by looking into the baby`s mouth. If there is whitish coating on the tongue, lips or inner surface of the cheeks, then the pain in the chest during feeding is really caused by infection.

Treating thrush should be for the baby, and for the mother. As a rule, the fight against infection consists in the treatment of affected areas with antifungal agents.

One of the most insidious reasons on which the breast can be sore during feeding is mastitis. It develops because of the blockage of the milky duct. The infection spreads quickly, as a result of which the nursing mother feels severe pain. In most cases, the chest turns red, it becomes hot to the touch, the seals are felt inside, the touch of which is incredibly painful. In addition, a woman can rise to a temperature of 39-40 degrees. Self-treatment of mastitis is fraught with complications. At the first signs of illness, you should contact a women`s consultation.

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