10 ways to burn fat

10 ways to burn fat

1 – Breakfast

Make it a rule not to skip breakfast. Morning meal intake not only spurs metabolism, but also charges the body with energy for the whole day.

2 – Fractional power

Do not forget about fractional nutrition. After all, the processing of consumed nutrients consumes 10% of the calories that you burn in a day. If you eat often and gradually, observing the daily rate of calorie intake, you will lose weight and restore your metabolism.

3 – Healthy food!

Include in your diet vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meats, greens, dairy products with low fat content, nuts, vegetable oils. Reduce the consumption of fatty foods and eliminate smoked foods, fast food and sweet fizzy drinks. Remember that by processing fat, the body burns far fewer calories than carbohydrates.

4 – Power Mode

Do not eat before going to bed. Late intake of food contributes to a set of excess weight. Unprocessed food is completely stored in fat. Therefore, it is best to eat 3 hours before bedtime.

5 – Movement

Any movement contributes to burning calories. Try to walk more, minimize the use of the elevator, while in the office, get up from the table, stretch the muscles of the hands and feet, at the lunch break, allocate time for a short walk.

6 – Dancing

Sign up for the dance. Movement for any music burns the same number of calories as other physical exercises. In addition, the dances straighten the posture, tighten the muscles and improve the mood.

7 – Swimming

Swimming accelerates the metabolism, tightens the skin, promotes healthy body and strengthens the immune system. Regularly visiting the pool, you will get rid of excess weight and get a slim figure.

8 – Liquid

Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. Water accelerates the metabolism and removes toxins and toxins from the body. Take the rule for 30 minutes before the main meal to drink a glass of water without gas.

9 – Sit straight!

If you do not fall apart in an armchair or on a couch, and sit up straight, you can spend 5% more calories. Therefore, try to always follow your posture and straighten your back.

10 – Water procedures

Do not forget to take a daily shower every day. Alternating doses of hot and cold water contribute to the acceleration of metabolism. Baths with sea salt not only help to lose weight, but also tighten the skin. After water procedures it is useful to apply a moisturizing cream with anti-cellulite components.

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