5 components of a healthy lifestyle

5 terms of a healthy lifestyle

The term number 1. Proper nutrition.

By adjusting your diet a little, you can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. For example, removing sharp spices from the menu, you can get rid of heartburn.

Listen to your body, it will necessarily give information that it lacks. So, for example, if a pregnant woman dreams of chalk, it means that her body lacks calcium.

In order for the food to be of use, it must have the right combination of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Do not forget about vitamins and trace elements – these are important components of health. Vegetables, greens, fruits should be in your diet daily.

The term number 2. Always in moving.

People who move a lot, and feel better, and live longer. Without movement, the muscles atrophy, the blood stagnates, the mental processes slow down. So if you have the opportunity – walk daily in the park or in the woods. If not – sign up for the gym. For those who can not afford a gym, there is fitness for lazy people – simple exercises that are easy to carry out at home. Even the general cleaning of the apartment is already a move.

The term number 3. Hardening.

No, no one calls you to swim in the ice hole. It is much easier to temper at home with a contrast shower. First, this procedure will accustom your body to temperature changes and thus protect against colds. And secondly, there is another effect – rejuvenating.

The term number 4. Healthy sleep.

Sleep is the source of great mood and well-being. Doctors believe that a healthy person needs 7-8 hours to sleep. However, if you only need 6 hours, do not rape your body and sleep before dinner.

A good stimulator for a restful sleep is evening walks and the ability to relax.

The term number 5. Think positively.

Of course, to find a lot of negativity is simple: the heel has broken – the shoe manufacturer is to blame; quarreled with a friend – she has a terrible character; there is no personal life – there are not those men around.

Remember, positive thinking is not a departure from reality. On the contrary, it is necessary in order to persevere with life`s difficulties, to deal with shortcomings and to be proud of their achievements.

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