5 hot trends in manicure

5 hot trends in manicure

Capricious fashion makes its own adjustments every season, so the connoisseurs of beauty must always be aware of the latest innovations. However, by the beginning of the fashion season 2015, designers have presented us with such a variety of trends that it is not so easy to understand them! We highlighted the hottest tendencies of nail art, which will certainly make you pay attention.

1. Moonlight manicure

Lunar manicure today – a recognized”king” of trends! Among his devoted fans is the beautiful Dita von Teese, and the bold Rihanna, and the sultry Jennifer Lopez. Few people know that the”lunar” manicure takes its origin from the 30s and 40s of the last century, and we owe it to the Hollywood actresses of that time. After that, a new wave of popularity of such a design rose in 2007: models at the Christian Dior show appeared with”holes” on the nails. Qualitative”lunar” design in home conditions is quite difficult: to create it you need not only skill (to draw a”hole” is not so easy!), But also professional tools. That is why the leading Russian beauty bloggers, whose lessons you learn to paint, trust their hands with Lena Lenina`s Studio !

2. Geometry

The school geometry course has never been so entertaining! Circles, triangles, crosses and squares on the nails look very impressive, attract attention and are very popular today. If you have already tried to do such a nail art at home, trying to replicate the fashion drawings from the training lessons on the Internet, but the result you did not like, trust the experienced master better.

3. Safari

The daring”rapacious” prints came back to us from the 90`s! True, today they are getting a new reading: the leopard spots and the zebra stripes in this season should be multi-colored. This manicure is good for the urban jungle, and for holidays, and for going out into the light. The leopard print is the favorite of the collections of Cavalli and Versace, which we have been inspired for more than a decade. By the way, to repeat the manicure from the podium is not so difficult as it may seem.

4. Polka dot

Polka dot, or simply”peas”, this season should be either black and white, or spectacular contrasting shades. Special chic – colored dots on a white background. For the most demanding, a luxurious version of design, in which matte and glossy textures of varnish are combined – this manicure looks very elegant.

5. Painting

To turn nails into miniature works of art can only be a professional master. To repeat this design, you need not only a clever skill, but also a rich imagination! Such a manicure is called”author`s” precisely because his drawing is discussed with the master individually. It is very important that when using it only the funds of well-known manufacturers are used, otherwise the whole effect will be brought to nothing. Not too expensive lacquers can not create the proper impression – on the nails they will look like an absurd smear. That`s why to create a”watercolor” brushstrokes or the original drawing you need to contact the already proven manicure studio. Having registered with an experienced master, you can be sure that a professional is responsible for the quality of the executed”picturesque” manicure !

Do not be afraid to experiment and try again and again in manicure. Remember that only this way you can find your own unique style, which will be admired !

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