6 harmful eating habits

6 bad food habits

1. Food as a way to relieve stress.

The true meaning of eating is to satisfy physiological needs to maintain the vital functions of the body. And although the hunger is saturated with positive emotions, it`s bad when enjoyment comes to the fore. Simply put, eating food for pleasure, in order to encourage oneself for something or to relieve stress, is a bad habit. As a result,”jamming” trouble will only lead to new problems, because the food in this case will not bring health benefits.

2. Food for future use.

The universal frequency of food intake and the optimal volume of portions suitable for any person does not exist. All this is individual. However, eating 1-2 times a day is a harmful eating habit. Because in this case, portions of food are very large and very often taken shortly before going to bed. Because of this regime, the body during the day is hungry, and before going to bed suffering from overeating. Do not overeat, instead it is better to eat less, but more often, for example, 4-6 times a day.

3. Food”on the run.”

Because of lack of time, most modern people eat anywhere, but not at the dinner table. Eating takes place on the way to a stop, in public transport, behind the wheel, etc. Food”on the run” is a harmful food habit, because such a way of eating excludes normal and complete digestion of food. The results of nutrition”on the go” affect health several years later: they manifest themselves as various gastroenterological disorders.

4. Food along with watching TV.

The habit of eating while watching TV is firmly rooted in our everyday life. This includes such harmful habits in eating, like eating with the simultaneous reading of newspapers and hours of drinking. All this leads to the use of extra portions and poor chewing food. To avoid this, you need to exclude factors that distract from eating. It is also desirable to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger. It is better to eat a few fruits in an hour or drink a cup of tea than to overload the body with extra food.

5. Eating”on the machine”.

However strange it may sound, many people often eat almost unconsciously. This happens when a person has nothing to occupy himself or is constantly haunted by the desire to eat something”tasty”. If you count the number of foods and calories that are used”just like that,” you can find a lot of excess. To break this harmful dietary habit, you need to replace it with something useful. For example, during another strong desire to eat something tasty, it`s better to take a walk, and not to empty the refrigerator.

6. Fast food.

The same lack of time, as already mentioned above, often leads to the abuse of fast food products. This applies not only to fast food in fast food restaurants, but also such products common in the ration of Russians, such as sausages, sausages, frozen cutlets, soups from packages, etc. Of course, instead of preparing a full dinner from primary products, it is easier to cook several sausages or a bag of ravioli. However, even small portions of such foods contain a lot of salt, food additives and harmful trans fats. And all this is completely superfluous, besides, it harms the body. Therefore, despite the busyness, it is worthwhile to give time for cooking healthier food.

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