7 best colors for nail polish

7 best varnish colors for short nails

      Be sure to try the classic red color. Choose a color depending on the skin tone. Cold reddish dark red, and warm golden – red with scarlet podtonom. Try on varnish with micro-globes – they are visible only on closer examination, but give the color depth and volume.

Another classic color that looks great on short nails is burgundy. Try a noble Burgundy or dramatic shade of black cherry. These varnishes are suitable for daytime and for evening. Applying them on the nails, level and narrow the plate, leaving the edges of narrow, unpainted strips.

Tired of classics? Try on a trendy navy blue color. Choose between different shades of denim, spectacular blue-violet or bright blue-blue. Blue lacquer can be pearly, metallic, iridescent – find an option that will decorate your fingers.

No less than a universal color – gray. It is very suitable for business daytime manicure. The dark shade of the Marengo visually narrows and stretches the nail plate, and the noble pearly gray looks very modest and unobtrusive. For warm skin tone, choose gray-beige and gray-brown varnishes.

Among the variety of dark and bright colors, do not forget about the classic natural shades. Choose varnishes of complex beige tones with greyish or dark pink notes. They should be slightly darker than the skin of the hands. Avoid light shades of orange scales – they visually shorten fingers, and nails make wider. The same effect is produced by light pearl lacquers.

Very stylish look golden gold varnishes. They are extremely diverse – on sale there are very light shades of white gold and saturated dark with a bronze podtonom. Varnishes with a metallic effect require a careful application in two, and preferably in three layers. But with due skill it is possible to make a stunning manicure, suitable for weekdays and holidays.

For special occasions, lacquers with sparkles – glitters are useful. Choose a texture with a lot of large rounded and hexagonal sequins – they tightly cover the nail plate, creating the effect of a shiny metallic coating. To enhance the effect, apply glitter under the appropriate shade of enamel – so the manicure will look even more festive.

When choosing a varnish texture, stop for a dense enamel or a translucent jelly, giving a shiny coating. If the varnish lacks its own gloss, it can be covered with a top with a gloss effect – this will give any shade depth.

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