Advices of the cosmetologist. A professional look at the problem of skin care

Cosmetician`s advice: a professional look at the problem of skin care

Why do you need cosmetologist advice?

Did you know that even girls who consider themselves experts in skin care should at least sometimes consult a beautician ?

First, there is no limit to perfection, and one day you can find out that the scheme by which you are accustomed to caring for your skin does not work. Like and cosmetic means use qualitative, and do so, as it is written in the instruction to each of means, but the effect is not swept up completely or not so expressed, as it would be desirable. And in fact it turns out that the cream is not chosen correctly, and the sequence of using cosmetics is not the same. Cosmetic Skin Care Tips here will be just the way. And in the cosmetic store after talking with a specialist cosmetician you will come with a planned plan of purchases, and not just with the desire to spend money on a well-advertised product.

Secondly, every day, no, even hourly there are new schemes, techniques and tools for skin care. You want to try something, but it`s not always clear how to do it. Remember at least appeared not so long serums for a skin of the face. Well, did each of us immediately understand how to use them correctly? Many still can not figure out what kind of product this is – serum for the face. Is it independent or auxiliary, what function does it perform and how is it correctly applied? Of course, consultants in cosmetics stores should have information about all cosmetics, but practice shows that not all of them can correctly tell about the product and help you choose the product you need. And only you begin to understand that the serum is designed to increase the effectiveness of the cream, and not to smooth wrinkles or simply to lure money out of your wallet, as new products come out on the cosmetic arena – serums for eyelid skin, gommage, creams with ANA-acids. Deal with them and use them with benefit for your skin will also help beauticians advice on facial care .

cosmetologist advice on face care

Advices of a cosmetologist on facial skin care

The women`s magazine JustLady provides its readers with the opportunity to get advice from a cosmetologist on skin care , without going in from home. For this, we asked several topical questions to the beautician of the salon”Magic of Beauty”, Oksana Salnikova.

To interview the professional cosmetologist, and not to touch one of the main goals of cosmetology care – prevention of signs of aging, we simply could not. And, considering that the modern generation of young women, unlike previous generations, already at the age of 20 starts to take various measures to combat the aging of the skin, we were interested in the possibility of using anti-aging agents at a fairly young age.

JustLady : Is it true that even at the age of 30 you can use the course of anti-aging cosmetics? Do I need to do this ?!

Oksana : The concept of”anti-aging cosmetics” is relatively. If the skin has lost its tonus, it becomes languid, dull, then the remedies come to be considered anti-aging – it is hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, E, etc. The main thing is the patient`s skin condition, not his age. At someone and in 25 years wrinkles and loss of elasticity can arise, whereas in the other the first signs of skin aging appear only after 30. So the use of drugs against the first signs of aging is only according to indications.
While the main cosmetic problem for many women is the loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles, some of the fair sex are busy solving another issue – eliminating the vascular network on the face. In the course of solving this problem, there are all sorts of creams and masks, as well as decorative cosmetics, visually hiding the vascular mesh. But the effect of cosmetics is not always satisfactory, and there is a desire to approach the solution of the problem cardinally. Cosmetologist`s tips will help in this case too.

JustLady : Is it possible to permanently remove the visibility of the vascular network on the face, and if so, with what procedures?

Oksana : Yes, for example, using the procedure of photorejuvenation. During the procedure, a high-intensity light source acts on the surface and deep layers of the skin, eliminating a wide range of defects, including a vascular network and spider veins. Usually the course is from 3 to 6 procedures with an interval of 28 days.
About the problem associated with the periodic occurrence of inflammation on the skin, women`s magazine JustLady also did not forget.

JustLady : Can inflammation on the skin be burned with the essential oil of tea tree? Or are there other means to quickly get rid of such troubles at home?

Oksana : With inflammations it is better to contact a dermatologist-cosmetologist, in order not to make it worse. After all, if damaged, you can spread the infection, and with”cauterization” injure the skin.

Some of us were lucky enough to become the owners of the ideal face cream. That`s it, about which were all the dreams: a pleasant aroma, a wonderful texture, an amazing effect. But as soon as the realization that this cream is ideal comes, immediately there are doubts about the possibility of its permanent use. Whether there will be an effect of accustoming of a skin to a cream? Is it not harmful to apply the same remedy to the skin for a long time?

JustLady : If the face cream is suitable, can it be used constantly, or is it better to periodically change the means for daily skin care?
Oksana : There is no need to change the face cream, if it suits you. The skin itself will tell if it`s time to change the cream, becoming dull and uneven. But you can also enrich your favorite cream. If dry skin, then add vitamin E or vitamin A (oily solutions), and for oily skin, tea tree oil and lavender oil.

Buy two face creams for night and daytime cheaper, or one, but more expensive? And if one, then what – day or night? Or maybe the separation of creams on time of day is just a marketing move? Or do you need to follow the rules and instructions on the boxes of creams? Make the right choice in this case will also help cosmetologist advice .

JustLady : How harmful is it to use a night cream for the face during the day, and the daytime cream for the night? Does the cream give any results in this case?

Oksana : The only significant difference between day cream and night cream is that the day cream contains SPF (protection from UV rays), and it can not be applied as a night cream. The fact is that the filter in the cream creates a protective film on the surface of the skin that prevents the regenerative function of the skin at night.

Smooth complexion is a pledge of good make-up and attractive appearance. But very often the whole picture spoils the dark circles under the eyes, betraying the yesterday`s party to the party, or just not enough. Hide signs of fatigue and even a complexion called special means – concealer. But how often can you use these tools? Are they suitable for daily use, or can they be applied only in case of emergency?

JustLady : Is the permanent use of concealer concealed dark circles under the eyes harmful to the skin around the eyes? Oksana : Continuous use of concealer is not dangerous , if they are qualitative in composition. Typically, firms add”caring” components, for example, vitamins, as well as protective, in particular, the SPF factor.
Of course, applying for advice to a cosmetologist, we could not help asking questions related to salon skin care.

JustLady : With what cosmetology procedure do you usually begin serious care of young skin, and what cosmetic procedure is mandatory for fading skin?

Oksana : You can not answer this question clearly, because everything depends solely on the patient`s skin condition and on the task.

JustLady : Is the face cleansing procedure mandatory, if the skin is not problematic, but only periodically”pleasing” with inflammations?

Oksana : No, it is not.

Just : How often is it necessary to visit a cosmetology salon for women with skin without any problems to look amazing ?!

Oksana : Everything depends on the task. If a woman does not have problems, then a visit to the salon may not be mandatory at all, perhaps it also manages home care.

Before going to the store to buy another cream after a few dozen jars and tubes that you did not fit, or decide to use a cardinally new product for your skin, contact a cosmetologist for advice. Cosmetologist`s advice will necessarily help prevent skin problems caused by improper care, and eliminate existing cosmetic deficiencies.

Inna Dmitrieva
Women`s magazine JustLady

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