After peeling

After peeling

Chemical peeling is an accessible and widespread procedure by which many aesthetic problems can be solved. Acid solutions provide peeling of the surface layers of the skin, stimulate the growth of new cells, enhance the formation of collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin becomes smooth, smooth, surface wrinkles disappear, pigmented spots, the traces of acne erupt, pores become narrower, the face oval is noticeably tightened.

The preparation for peeling and the depth of penetration is always chosen by the doctor-cosmetologist. If you want to lightly brush up the dull, tired skin, then most likely you will be offered superficial peelings with fruit acids. This is a painless procedure that does not cause any noticeable redness and flaking of the skin. On the skin is applied a solution of acid, which after two minutes is neutralized by a special solution. Acid penetrates to a small depth of the epidermis to the basal layer. Home care is to apply moisturizing creams recommended by a doctor.

More serious dermatological and age-related skin problems require phenolic or trichloroacetic peeling. This is a fairly serious and painful procedure that requires careful preparation and even more thorough skin care after the procedure.

Median peeling affects all layers of the epidermis, up to the dermis. Its feature is the so-called”frost” – frost effect. The skin after treatment is covered with a white film, which shows the degree of destruction of proteins in the tissues. The procedure is rather painful, but after applying the neutralizing composition, the pain and burning cease.

The skin after the medial peeling looks like after a burn. Although the procedure itself is, in fact, a chemical burn under the supervision of a doctor. After the procedure, you can not wash yourself, apply the cream for 12 hours. A few hours later, the skin on his face darkened and stretched. After a medial peeling, it`s better to spend 3-4 days at home.

In the morning, the face should be washed with mild soap and apply a moisturizing cream on the skin, preferably based on the gel. Repeat this procedure in the evening and all subsequent days until the skin is completely restored. Some doctors advise washing with boiled water with the addition of a few drops of lemon juice. Do not rub the skin, the movements of the hands should be light and barely touching the skin. The cream is applied to the skin with slightly moistened fingers, every time you feel dry and tight skin. During this period, the skin is very dehydrated and can crack without moistening. And on the ground cracks may appear later scars and pigmentation. Therefore, try to drink through the tube and eat lightly rubbed food, so as not to chew and do not strain the muscles.

After two or three days, the stratum cornea will begin to peel off with large plates. Usually it begins in the region of the wings of the nose and in the corners of the lips. Do not rip off the peeling crust! If it prevents you – neatly cut with small scissors, but not to the bottom. Continue to wash two or three times a day and apply moisturizing cream with a feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin. With each washing, the crust will be moistened and peeled off on its own. After 5-7 days you will see your new face: tender, fresh, with thin clean skin.

The period of full recovery after a median peel will last for up to two months. All this time, the skin needs to be moistened, apply whitening creams for the night and protect from the sun. Median peelings are recommended to be done in the autumn – winter time, when the sun is inactive. But even in winter, you can get unwanted pigmentation, so do not go out without a photoprotective cream with SPF at least 20.
During this period, you can not use scrubs for the face, do cleaning, physiotherapy procedures. If you are prone to the appearance of herpes, then with the first symptoms begin to drink a course of anti-herpes medicines.

Proper skin care during the recovery after peeling depends only on you. And as a result, you get the skin of your dreams: clean, smooth, tight, without wrinkles and age spots. Believe me, for the sake of such a result it is worthwhile to work hard.

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