Age-related changes in the face oval: is it possible to deal with the problem

Age change of the face oval: can I fight the problem

With age, the skin produces less collagen and elastin. This leads to a loss of elasticity and elasticity, so the facial features change: the cheeks are hanging, there are ugly folds in the jaw and chin area.

To struggle with this problem it is difficult enough, but it is possible. Using a quality moisturizer refreshes the skin and slightly tightens it. It is better to use active cosmetics containing vitamins (A and C), hydrochloric acid BHA and ANA. Such substances can help the skin to become denser.

Unfortunately, the effect of the cream, even the most expensive, with the effect of pulling up, is very short. Solve the problem for a long time can only plastic surgery or liposuction.

However, do not despair: there are some simple exercises for facelift that can help save the youthful oval. They should be done after the face is washed and smeared with cream.

Exercise is the first.

Take a pen or pencil in your mouth and try to write a few words in the air, for example, your surname, name and patronymic.

Exercise two.

Gently rotate your head around, tilt it back and forth, press your chin against your chest.

Exercise three.

Wash under the shower, chin massage with cool water using a flexible hose. You can do a contrast massage: alternating cool and hot water. Begin and end when the water is cold.

You need to do such exercises every day, then the results will necessarily appear.

Do not forget about the nourishing face masks and compresses for the face. They should be applied to the chin, cheeks and neck.

The easiest compress to keep your face toned: Warm up the vegetable oil in the water bath (olive, almond, sesame or sunflower). Brew tea, black and green, and cool it. Wet a cotton towel in the oil and put it on the problem areas. Hold for five minutes, then change the towel to another, which is soaked in cold tea. Repeat the procedure at least five times, then apply a nourishing cream on the face.

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