All about potatoes and its beneficial properties

All about potatoes and its useful properties

The motherland of potatoes is Bolivia and Peru. In Europe, the plant appeared in the 16th century and immediately gained popularity. Interesting is the fact that earlier potatoes were used only as an ornament, in view of the beauty of its flowers. Accidentally, after the fire, it was found that the tubers are very edible, and they can be eaten. Potato refers to the vegetables of the Solanaceae family, grows in a temperate climate, in more than 135 countries around the world.

Plant the vegetable in the early spring or summer. There is a ripening variety and a late one. Watered it often, grow potatoes as they grow, but at least twice during the entire period. All this time you need to monitor the appearance on the leaves of the plant Colorado beetles and gently remove them from the surface. Potatoes should be fertilized. Plant it with sprouting tubers, usually left over from the last harvest. Dig up the potatoes in the early autumn.

The potato is full of nutritious properties. In its peel a lot of potassium and zinc. In the pulp contains vegetable protein with a huge number of amino acids, in addition, the composition of a large concentration of vitamin C and mineral salts, contains starch.

Potatoes are included in diets in diseases of the heart, gums and genitourinary system. Potato juice helps to remove bile from the body, normalizes the work of the stomach and lowers blood pressure. Vegetable has an antiseptic, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Potatoes are applied in the mashed form to wounds, burns, furuncles. Boiled tubers in a hot form help to cure diseases of the nose, in particular, sinusitis. And inhalations from boiled potatoes in a uniform are capable to work miracles at colds.

Nevertheless, despite its useful properties, people prone to fullness should limit potato consumption. Due to the high content of carbohydrates (more than 25% of the composition), the vegetable has a high calorie content.

With increased pressure, it is better to eat potatoes in a cooked”in uniform”. If there are problems with the intestines, you should add the juice of potatoes to the daily diet, with osteochondrosis mix well the grated raw potatoes with honey and attach to the sore spot for an hour. And with arthritis to touch small tubers in their hands. Vegetables after local treatment should not be eaten.

A variety of dishes from potatoes are amazing, this is also mashed potatoes, stuffed tubers, fried potatoes with garlic and lard, potatoes boiled with dill, potato pies with meat stuffing, pancakes and many other equally tasty dishes.

Potatoes should be stored in a cool dry place. The room should be dark, because the light produces a dangerous substance for the body – solanine. The temperature should be +3 .. + 5 degrees. If it is cooler, then the potato will get a sweetish taste. You can put a few apples between potato tubers. Then they will not release sprouts.

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