Allergy to cat hair. Symptoms and Treatment

Allergy to cat hair.

The most common type of allergy is considered an allergy to pets. Cats are twice as likely to cause allergies than dogs. Most of the townsfolk believe that allergy causes wool, but this is far from the case. Allergies can be caused by proteins that are contained in the saliva and urine of cats. And in the event that your pet sometimes goes out for walks to the street, then it can bring on its fur other pathogens of allergies: mold, fluff, dust, pollen.

Allergies can be recognized by the following signs: runny nose, tearfulness, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, shortness of breath. Symptoms may appear immediately after contact with a furry pet, and may appear in a few hours. When allergies appear, it is recommended to visit an allergist who will help to identify the cause and prescribe the right treatment.

In general, allergies are treated by standard methods. The patient is prescribed the use of antihistamines, which block the causes of allergy symptoms. The injection course is rarely used, although such treatment is not always effective, and sometimes prolonged for a long time. Allergy can be complicated by swelling, in this case, antidiarrheals are prescribed.

In general, allergists believe that the ideal way to combat allergies to cats is the absence of contact with them. It is necessary to avoid contact with the animal, as well as with people who have it. If there is a cat or cat in your house, then, alas, you will have to give it to other good hands.

If you can not, for some reason, give the pet to other people, then you must follow a few immutable rules.
1) Limit contact with the cat as much as possible. To look after it should other members of the family.
2) Make sure that the pet can not go to the rooms where you happen most often. Particularly undesirable is her presence in the bedroom.
3) Often arrange a spring cleaning, which must be done very carefully to destroy all the hair left by the pet.
4) Replace rug carpets with others.
5) Install air purifiers and air conditioning in the house. In the event that this is not the right option, just often ventilate the room.
6) The cat should always be clean, so your home will need to bathe often. It will be useful to comb the cat with a special brush, this will help reduce the amount of hair that can fall out and stay lying, causing you to be allergic.

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