Allergy to cosmetics

Allergy to cosmetics

The most common type of allergic reaction to cosmetics is contact dermatitis. Symptoms include itching, skin flaking and red skin rash. Also, water blisters and swelling may occur. Do not comb the rash, otherwise it may develop complications. Simple contact dermatitis often manifests itself on the eyelids, where the skin is more delicate and dry.

If such symptoms are formed and the subsequent use of a cosmetic product, then, most likely, it is already talking about contact-allergic dermatitis. The affected areas in this case are usually the face, ears and neck, but sometimes the reaction can occur at any other place.

Symptoms of the disease manifest themselves at different times. Reaction to strong irritants, for example, dyspnea, occurs only a few minutes after contact with the allergen, on weak (for example, soap) – in a few days or even weeks. In rare cases, the allergy can develop for years.

There is another type of allergy to cosmetics. It is called photosensitization. This reaction occurs as a result of exposure to the skin of ultraviolet rays. Her symptoms can be seen on those parts of the body that were not covered from the sun by clothes.

Most often, allergic reaction is provoked by substances that are part of creams and masks for face and body care. These include: preservatives that have a high content of”chemistry”, fragrances and dyes. Therefore, if the cosmetics of any brand causes you to be allergic, it is recommended to abandon the use of this brand for a certain time or for good, because harmful substances in them are usually the same.

Often the cause of allergic reaction to cosmetics is sensitive skin. Holders of such skin should choose special hypoallergenic agents.

Buy desirable high-quality goods and in good stores. Before buying there it is allowed to conduct a trial. The product is applied to the elbow bend and left until the next day. If the allergy is not manifested, this series is suitable for you.

If you find signs of an allergy to cosmetics, you should see a dermatologist or allergist as soon as possible. The doctor will identify the cause of the disease and conduct treatment to eliminate it.

Before contacting a doctor, you can ease the condition a bit. To do this, take off all cosmetics and wash your eyes with tea or chamomile. For a few days it is better to abandon its use, as well as the effects of other external allergens (detergents, plant pollen, fertilizers and various strong odors).

Take an antihistamine, for example, suprastin or tavegil. If there are no such drugs, you can apply a decoction of nettle. It must be drunk in half a liter a day. Such pre-medical help can suppress the development of an allergic reaction to cosmetics and prevent the emergence of complications.

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