Anti-cellulite massagers with their own hands

Anti-cellulite massagers with their own hands

      In the fight against cellulite, the main thing is the regularity and correctness of procedures, and not expensive drugs. You can easily see in practice that different in price creams have the same effect. The same applies to the massagers: in order to achieve results, an expensive model is not at all necessary. No less effective tool you can make from what is at your fingertips.

One of the most useful items for an easy home massage is a rough terry towel. Fold it in a tourniquet and, having stretched for different ends, begin to massage the body with circular rubbing movements. Such a procedure will strengthen blood circulation, increase the tone of the skin, and remove excess fluid. After the massage, use a moisturizer. The effect will be visible after 1-2 weeks.

Use deeper effects on cellulite using conventional buttons. Choose buttons of several sizes from plastic or wood. Sew them into several dense rows with a concave side inward on the massage glove or a piece of dense fabric. Before starting the procedure, use the base oil, adding a few drops of essential oil of sweet orange. Stretch the problem zones with buttons, avoiding painful sensations.

For a soft and pleasant massage, croup is quite suitable. Pour beans, peas, buckwheat, rice into a small linen or gauze bag. Fill the pouch so that its relief is uneven. Tightly tie and perform with it a dry massage. After the procedure, apply a cooling anti-cellulite cream to the skin.

Another ati-cellulite massager, donated by nature itself, does not even require special manufacturing. All you need is a mature and dried corn cob. Clean it from the leaves, apply oil on the skin and proceed to the procedure. Just roll the ears into problem areas like a roller. As a result of this massage, cellulite nodules are perfectly broken and the skin relief is leveled.

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