Anti-cellulite wraps at home

Anti-cellulite wraps at home

      Wraps are available not only in beauty salons. They can be done at home.

For the procedure you will need: a wrapping mixture, a plastic wrap, a warm blanket or a blanket.

Prepare the body skin before wrapping – clean it with a scrub or coffee grounds. The latter is added to the body milk or shower gel.

Then proceed to the procedure. Apply the mixture to problem areas with massage movements. Be wrapped in a film so that the zones on which you put a mix, have been closed, and be wrapped in a blanket. You can wear warm sports pants or anti-cellulite shorts and do household chores. After half an hour, rinse the mixture with warm water and smear the body with cream.

Ready-made mixtures for wraps can be bought at the pharmacy. For example, dry brown seaweed kelp and fucus. They are considered to be the most effective anti-cellulite drugs. Algae remove toxins, stimulate lipid metabolism, improve the outflow of tissue fluid, water-salt metabolism in subcutaneous fatty tissue, increase skin tone. Dry seaweed is ground and poured with warm water.

At home, you can prepare a honey wrap. For him, just honey, honey with essential oils of citrus (2 tablespoons honey 4-5 drops of oil), honey with milk (it is better to take a dry and dilute it with warm water to the consistency of sour cream), honey with seaweed.

Wraps from blue clay, based on green tea, coffee and oil wraps are also considered effective.

To prepare the wrap from blue clay, it is bred with warm water until the consistency of sour cream. Then the mixture is applied to the skin. You can add some essential oil to the clay. Well suited oils of rosemary, lemon, anise.

For wrapping on the basis of green tea 2 tablespoons dry product is poured hot water. The mass should resemble porridge. In the tea you can drip the essential oil.

The coffee wrap is prepared from the coffee grounds with essential oils.

For oil wraps use a variety of essential oils. They are an excellent tool for improving metabolism, blood circulation, regenerative functions of the skin.

Suitable for such wraps of rosemary oil, lemon, orange, grapefruit, fennel, cypress. For 10-15 drops of the base (almond, peach) oil, take 5 drops of essential oil and mix.

Wraps can be done up to 3 times a week. However, people who have recently undergone the operation, with fresh sutures, and also those who have a rash or abrasions on the skin procedure is not recommended.

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