Autumn is the time to take care of health and beauty!

Autumn is the time to take care of health and beauty!

In autumn, the risk of getting infected with viral diseases always increases: the feet get wet, then somewhere blown, and then they started to cough and sweat. But who pays attention to a slight rhinitis? It`s nothing to worry about! It will work! Unfortunately, more often than not, in most cases this is the first step towards more serious diseases. Therefore, it is better to hedge and intercept the disease at the very beginning than to seriously treat, suffer and change your plans.

By the way, do you know how viruses penetrate the body? Of course, for sure you know – airborne way. But how exactly does this happen? It turns out that the main entrance gate for infection is a weakened ecology, damaged, overheated by heating batteries, the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. If the mucosa is not able to give the viruses a worthy rebuff, they penetrate into the cells and begin to multiply, seizing new territories and penetrating deeper into the body provoking an increase in temperature, intoxication and other delights of ARVI. So immunity passes the position, the mucous membrane loses its protective properties, and the common cold, SARS and the flu can”build up” such complications as sinusitis, tracheitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, otitis, and even pneumonia. And in fact antibiotics to accept somehow not so it would be desirable …

“What should I do?”, you may be frightened. We answer: to act! This means adhering to the rules of hygiene and using the correct means to protect against viruses , the prevention and treatment of viral diseases. Now there are many tools that help alleviate the symptoms of the disease, but it is more correct, of course, to eliminate the very cause of the disease, rather than its consequences. Among the medicinal products there is such an antiviral drug as”Derinat”, which helps to restore and strengthen the protective properties of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, so not to let the viruses into the body! It can be used both as a curative and as a protective, preventive remedy. Strengthening the main protective barrier of the body, we better cope with viruses and bacteria. A drug is used to treat and prevent colds, SARS and influenza . Whether you are a business woman, who is dear to every second or mother of a restless child, you can use Derinat without problems, because it is produced in a convenient spray form, which makes it easy to apply it in your nose and throat.

Possessing a pronounced healing property, it helps to restore damaged areas of the mucosa, and thus its protective properties. In addition, almost instantly absorbed in the mucosa, it quickly manifests its antiviral, immunomodulating and reparative (healing) properties, while the stomach and liver are not threatened, and the risk of getting complications of acute respiratory infections is significantly reduced.

Do not forget that the best way to not get sick is prevention! And here”Derinat” helps to restore and strengthen the protective properties of the main protective barrier of the body – the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, and therefore avoid the introduction of viruses and bacteria into the body.

For very young children Derinat is released in the form of drops and is allowed to use from the first day of life, which speaks well of its safety.

Prepare for virus attacks beforehand and be healthy always, in any weather !


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