Baby perfumes

Baby perfume

The child should be taught from the very childhood to everything beautiful, to bring up the taste and sense of proportion – this motto is guided by world perfume brands, developing another masterpiece for children. As adult men and women emphasize their moods and disposition with selected spirits, so should children be able to express their emotions with the help of odors. To understand manufacturers it is possible, in the name of small children, and, more correctly, their parents, they receive the whole segment of the unreached market which, at correct submission, will lead to them set of new buyers.

Cosmetologists, to some extent, share the position of manufacturers of children`s cosmetics. There is nothing wrong, they say, if a child is taught from the childhood to watch for himself: wash once a day with milk or a special lotion, use baby perfume . Moreover, modern cosmetics and perfumes for children are produced without preservatives, there are no harmful chemical compounds and alcohol. Large companies-manufacturers are developing special children`s lines based on the use of only natural substances. Children`s perfumery does not contain toxic volatile components, passes strict control for allergic reactions.

Baby perfume appeared on sale about ten years ago and gradually became an indispensable attribute of a fashionable little girl or a stylish boy. Parents are happy that their offspring have stopped looking into their mother`s beauticians, and children are happy with the receipt of a new, more adult status, confirmed by their”own” perfume. Baby fragrances are very light, they do not usually use fragrances and alcohol tinctures, and smells consist of one note and are approximate to natural. The most popular children`s compositions are strawberries, raspberries, vanilla, chocolate. In addition, children`s perfumes, usually very original design of the bottle, they are added to various accessories, sequins and toys.

Despite the growing popularity of children`s fragrances, doctors continue to argue whether it is safe for babies to use children`s perfume . Recently, the number of children suffering from allergies, asthma and pollinosis has increased. But aromatic oils are potential allergens and can provoke a child exacerbation of the disease. Pediatricians do not recommend the use of children`s perfumery for children under 3 years old, and in older age it is necessary to choose lighter baby perfumes without fragrances. When using perfumery, you need to monitor the reaction of the child: if the skin appears rash or irritation, it means that the child has an individual intolerance of this or that component of this cosmetic.

If you are responsible for choosing a child`s perfume and make sure that the child does not overdo it with its use, if you buy really high-quality children`s perfumes that have passed certification, then you care about your health child and want to instill in him the taste. JustLady`s women`s site will help you find your way around and talk about the most popular children`s perfumes.

1. “Ptisenbon” (Givenchy) – fragrance for the youngest mods, can be used from 6 months. A fresh floral-woody smell, with notes of lemon and mint, enriched with a warm musky hue. It is unlikely that kids who have just got rid of diapers will appreciate the wonderful aroma of a fashion brand, rather, it is a sign of prestige for their parents.

2. “Gransenbon” (Givenchy) – fresh, spring-like fragrance for girls 6-12 years old. The composition is based on fruit notes, as well as a delicate rose and jasmine. Perfume for young princesses – no more, no less !

3. “Pomme de Reinette” (Yves Rocher) – eau de toilette for small cocktails, with the aroma of apple and sweet fruit. An elegant pink bottle and a pleasant smell can not leave indifferent not only the daughter, but also her mother. A similar fragrance from the same series -“Pomme d`Api”, with the smell of a fresh green apple in a round original bottle with a red lid.

4. “Little Fairy” (Ekatirenburg) – children`s perfume on the basis of natural ingredients. For their creation, the most favorite fragrances of princesses and fairies were used: vanilla, orange, fragrant lily of the valley and rose.

5. “Ange Blue” (Kaloo) – one of the fragrances of the series for boys Kaloo. The bottle is made in the form of a funny bear, a plush toy is attached to it. A delicate aroma of grapefruit and lemon is sure to please young dandies, besides all children`s perfumes of this series do not contain alcohol.

6. Adherents of the whole domestic can advise the products of the factory “New Dawn” . To date, the factory produces several children`s fragrances for girls and boys, they are quite good quality, pleasant smell and very interesting design: “Mishutka”,”Cheerful baby elephant” .

Svetlana Krutova
Women`s magazine JustLady

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