Bag in tone with shoes – bad taste or classic?

Bag in tone with shoes - bad taste or classics?

      The idea of ​​combining shoes and bags by the color scheme arose in designers in the first third of the twentieth century, when the skirts stopped hiding the fashion shoes, and the bags and reticules stopped hiding in the folds of the lush dresses and turned into an independent decoration and complement of the general style of the woman. In the post-war years, when the hard memories of World War II had to be bridged by a vibrant life, fashion designers in the US and Europe began resorting to saturated colors in the production of clothing. However, to ensure that women`s ensembles do not look excessively variegated, a”golden” rule was gradually introduced into fashion: the color of the handbag and shoes should coincide. One of the first who tried this rule on himself in America was Jacqueline Kennedy`s”style icon” of the 1960s model of the twentieth century. The first lady was famous for the whole world with elegance and good taste; it`s no wonder that in imitation of her millions of women began to think about how to combine the available wardrobe items to look as spectacular as Jackie Kennedy. The easiest way was for those who did not have the means and successfully”combined” classic black boats with a black bag.

In the eighties the situation radically changed. And again only one woman launched a new round in the world fashion. Supermodel Kate Moss, who was an example of”heroin chic” and who recognized as an outfit all that she liked, and not everything that harmonizes with each other, declared to journalists that”a bag with shoes is predictable to boredom.” These words were immediately picked up by fashionable critics of dozens, if not hundreds, of fashion magazines. And Kate, who advised women not to be trapped in prejudices and stereotypes, demonstratively appeared in public not just with a diverse, but also with a contrastingly colorful bag and shoes. And if at first these”defile” by the townsfolk were perceived as a bad form, then in due course they became a fashion trend.

Modern fashion experts leave the right of the classic combination of shoes and bags only to the adherents of business style, and the English queen, known for its fidelity to traditions. All the rest are advised to be bolder in combining toilet items. Unwritten rules in recent years dictate the selection of a bag in the tone of clothes, and shoes – for accessories, for example, a belt, a large brooch or even earrings. Demi-season fashion offers to combine the color of bags with gloves. The highest aerobatics is a skilful combination in the guise of three or more saturated color palettes, two of which fall on the bag and shoes. However, if monochrome is chosen as a style, for example, only black or only red, without the same bag and shoes you can not do.

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