Beauty injections: restylane

Beauty injections: restylane

Restylane appeared in the nineties of the twentieth century. It was produced by a pharmaceutical company from Sweden Q-MED. The effectiveness of the drug was confirmed in 1996 after the first tests. The organism perceives the acid of restylane as its own, unlike artificial gels, which gives excellent cosmetological results.

The drug is not rejected by the skin and does not cause allergies. The principle of the action of hyaluronic acid is based on its ability to retain moisture, thereby increasing tissue volumes, smoothing the skin, and wrinkles disappear. The best result is achieved in about a week and lasts about 12 months. Wrinkles completely disappear or shrink, and lips get a beautiful shape.

Restylane is injected with the help of an experienced dermatologist or a cosmetologist. Be sure to observe all sanitary and hygienic standards. The prick is made with a thin needle. The procedure itself takes from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on what the task is. The procedure is almost painless, local anesthesia is needed only to correct the lips, but for each person this issue is solved individually. Sometimes to eliminate painful sensations in the place of injection, an anesthetic cream or ice is put in advance.

After the introduction of restylane, light reddening of the skin and slight puffiness are possible. But they will pass within a few days and will not cause strong worries. Also a few days after the procedure, you should avoid pressure on the injection site and refuse to visit the sauna and sauna.

The effect of the drug is preserved for each individual period. It depends on the metabolic processes of the body. When the effect of the drug ends, hyaluronic acid begins to gradually dissolve and disintegrate, gradually disappearing from the body.

Restylane has several contraindications. It can not be administered during the complication of any disease, and also, in the presence of purulent-inflammatory processes at the injection site. If before you were given silicone or other absorbable implants, you should tell the doctor about it.

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