Beauty Secrets from Demi Moore

Secrets of Beauty by Demi Moore

Secrets of beauty from Demi Moore are very simple and can be successfully tried by any woman. The main components of attractive appearance, slim figure and well-being actress considers proper nutrition, regular exercise and daily care of herself.

Demi Moore`s diet, which the actress makes herself, consists of 2/3 of raw products. Basically it is fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, eggs and other products that can be used in kind, without any additional processing. Demi drinks freshly squeezed juices, green and mint tea. It is the raw diet that Demi Moore has been fond of for many years, the actress considers the main secret of her beauty.

A set of physical exercises for an actress is developed by a personal trainer, with whom she is engaged almost every day. The morning of Demi Moore begins with an intensive warm-up, which is necessary for the blood to pour into the heart muscle. After charging, you should have a light breakfast consisting of fruit or vegetable salads, as well as freshly squeezed juice. Closer to dinner, Demi Moore begins to perform a whole range of physical exercises. They are aimed at forming the muscles of the press, buttocks, thighs, hands.

Cosmetic and skillfully applied makeup are also included in the arsenal of the actress. Moisturizing creams, refreshing tonics, scrubs, gels – all this, of course, is present on the shelves in her bathroom. At this age, to which the actress approached, the main secret of attractiveness is not to let her appearance to herself for a single day. Manicure, pedicure, properly selected cosmetics make a finishing touch to the portrait of the Hollywood beauty.

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