Berry colors in clothes

Berry colors in clothes

      Although people can perceive even the same colors in different ways, and this depends in many respects on the cultural traditions adopted in different countries, there are still common features of perception. So, the juicy berry flowers most of our colorists attribute holiday, energy properties, and also include in the”romantic” palette. Colors such as crimson, orange, lemon, are lively and cheerful, attract attention and personify energy. But their excess can cause irritation and tension. Different shades of red and violet, for example, wine, cherry, plum, as well as peach and apricot are considered the most romantic, clean and innocent. But, thickening these colors, you can get a depressive, gloomy mood.

Common in these colors is also that in the clothes of berry flowers you will never get lost in the crowd, because they always attract attention. And your task is to take into account the type of your appearance, choose the right ones to emphasize all the best that is in your appearance and character.

The luxurious wine color is perfect for evening outfits. In combination with brocade, satin or silk, this color looks just the same in a royal way. But if you”muffle” it with dark gray or olive, then it will look very good in the business version of clothes.

Raspberry is a calm and regal color, almost everywhere he personifies the supreme power, to know, and is always on the crest of fashion. Clothes of this color can also be worn for holidays and weekdays. It comes to any material – in chintz, for example, as good as in wool. Most of all, this color is for the representatives of summer and winter color types.

Very popular color in many countries – orange – the color of fire, sun and spices. It is associated with vital energy and a good mood. But we do not meet very often. If you prefer this color, it can indicate your cheerfulness and activity, even about non-standard thinking. But he does not go to everyone. The best orange is suitable for people with a contrast”autumn” type of appearance, as well as”winter” people. But psychologists believe that this color is needed by many people with”color starvation” in order to maintain mental and physical health. This applies to the inhabitants of large cities.

Cowberry color is suitable for the color types”winter” and”summer”; he makes women more slim and elegant. This cold shade of pink color is more suited to office and business style, but it is also acceptable for winter holidays, for example, it is very good for sewing a dress for the New Year. Accordingly, the fabrics of this color are mostly warm – wool, angora, mohair, corduroy.

The plum color adds mystery to the image and enhances the appeal and fits all color types, except for”spring”. It`s not worth putting on business events
character, but as an evening dress it is ideal.

In general, each of these colors can make you an unusually attractive woman. Experiment and select the most advantageous of them.

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