Beware, piercing!

Careful, piercing!

Most likely, no one thinks about the danger because there were too few negative effects of piercing. But, as statistics show, many young people and girls simply did not seek help from specialists. Only three percent of people who had negative consequences from piercing, turned to physicians.

Of course, the most common problems occur when piercing intimate places. So, a greater percentage is due to piercing of the nipples. But this does not mean that piercing the nipples – the most dangerous form of piercing, just this is the most common form of it.

What problems can an amateur or a piercing lover wait for? Well, in women piercing the nipples leads to a decrease in their sensitivity. Sometimes it can lead to infection and normal skin irritation. Those who decided to pierce the language, face a problematic diction. But, in a couple of days, you can again talk calmly, eat and so on.

Fans of tongue piercing risk also the health of their teeth. If you still decided to pierce the tongue, then remember that the best metals for piercing the tongue are gold, titanium alloys and stainless steel. It is also dangerous to pierce a lot of holes in the ears, because there are various acupuncture points that affect all health.

In any case, before deciding on such a serious procedure as piercing, you need to approach the most responsible to this issue. Do not yourself pierce your navel or other part of the body. In these cases, you should always seek help from knowledgeable people, preferably if the person is with a medical background. Otherwise, an inexperienced master can accidentally carry an infection at the time of piercing. Then it is necessary to take care of the puncture site correctly and make sure that the infection does not get there. And do not forget that with a wrong puncture, you can generally undermine your health.

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