Big nostrils are an excuse for surgery?

Big nostrils are an excuse for surgery?

If you still decide to change the shape of the nose, consult the surgeon thoroughly. The surgeon will examine your nose and, perhaps, try to dissuade you from the operation. There may be several reasons: you invented a problem for yourself and your nose does not require intervention; there are medical contraindications; the shape of the nose that you”ordered” can not be done. At the consultation, the surgeon will study your anatomical features, the shape of the nose and nostrils. Photos will be taken and computer simulations done – this is necessary to see the final result.

It may turn out that your nose has other features that you did not know about, but which can also be corrected during the operation – for example, curvature of the septum. Then rhinoplasty is performed in a combined form.

The outcome of the operation can be influenced by the following factors: osteochondral structure of the nose, face shape, skin thickness and age. If you are under 17 years old with rhinoplasty it is better to wait.

Let`s say that rhinoplasty is shown to you for physical reasons. There are three categories of the most common indications for an operation to change the shape of the nose.

1. Congenital problems. Perhaps, in your family there are relatives, through which the”family” nose is transferred. For example, with a very obvious hump, or too long or wide. If the features of your face are thin and elegant, then such an”outstanding” nose can induce you to do rhinoplasty.

2. Injury. Life is not without adventures, and not always these adventures are pleasant. Accident, stroke, nasal trauma, obtained by any other route, after which the nose acquired an undesirable form – also a weighty indicator for rhinoplasty.

3. Ethnic features. Sometimes a certain form of nose indicates the person`s belonging to one or another ethnic group. But rather, women do rhinoplasty not to hide their national characteristics, but in order that these features do not violate the ideal image created in their imagination. For example, a broad, flattened nose with large nostrils may not fit into the image of a refined lady.

If you think that your nostrils are too large and they prevent you from feeling beautiful, whether to do surgery or not, it`s up to you. But if you decided to hold it – start preparing for it in advance.

The meaning of the operation is to remove a part of the wings from the outside – if the wing is too long, or adjust the nostril passage – if it is too wide. Sometimes there is a need to combine both ways. After removing the excess part, the surgeon closes the incision. This is done with a thin thread, the stitches are removed after five days, the traces will dissolve after about a month and a half. If the wings of the nose”fall”, during the operation, the support of the wings of the nose is restored – this is done by transplantation of the patient`s own cartilages.

The operation to correct the shape of the nostrils is carried out under both local and general anesthesia. Depending on the complexity of the operation can go from two hours and longer.

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