Black patent shoes: style or kitsch?

Black patent shoes: style or kitsch?

Lacquer shoes always attract attention, but they can be a real disaster. It turns out that everything depends on the color and the model. It is only necessary to pick up the patent shoes – and you are under the stern condemning glances of those around you.

Most often, black lacquer shoes are in the zone of special attention. Many ladies with a bias refer to this fashion accessory, and the rest simply try not to pay attention to such models. So what will be black lacquer shoes: a manifestation of style or kitsch?

In modern society, everything is possible, so you do not need to give up black lacquer shoes forever. Under certain circumstances, such an accessory will suit you – and even complement the created image. However, in the office or at a business conference, such shoes, after all, should not be worn.

Black lacquer shoes can fit into a gala event, a corporate party or other informal pastime. In this case, your shoes will show that you are set on rest and good communication. We can say that black patent shoes become a kind of a sign of freedom.

Sometimes the choice of such a model can be justified by external circumstances. If there is a glamorous star on the carpet, then the most incredible combination of outfits and styles can forgive her. Also condescendingly treat people of other creative professions, but they have black patent shoes – this is a manifestation of freedom and independence, and not a manifestation of style.

In general, it is better not to risk your reputation – and pick up neutral models of shoes that will not cause shock or resentment from others. Of course, if you decide to show through your shoes your inner state, no one can forbid you to do it. Just try not to overdo it with the manifestation of freedom – and it is desirable to demonstrate your freedom-loving in an informal atmosphere so as not to get unnecessary problems.

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