Breast Augmentation: Why wait?

Breast augmentation: what to expect?

      Practically all patients of plastic surgeons are satisfied with the results of the operation. Of course, this is only if they turned to a professional clinic, where experienced doctors work. The small chest after the operation will be bigger and fuller, perhaps, the shape will change. In any case, the clinic specialist will discuss with his patient all possible nuances even before the operation. However, any woman should know that no professional and experienced surgeon will guarantee that the result of the operation will be a perfect and ideal form of the breast.

If there is a rupture, wrinkling or other damage to the implants, they can be removed or replaced. But it is not necessary to experience especially, as the newest implants based on salt solutions are practically not damaged. If you believe the statistics, then such cases are fixed only one percent per year. If a woman removes the implant, the wrinkles and troughs of the mammary glands will form. They will be permanent because of tissue defects.

Breast augmentation surgery will not prevent possible physiological changes that may occur with severe weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. Many researchers say that implants have a negative effect on breastfeeding. However, this assumption has not yet been confirmed.

After a successful operation, a woman will need to spend a few days in the hospital. The doctor all this time will carefully monitor the patient`s health. If pain occurs, the doctor will stop them.

Within two months after the operation, the patient of the clinic will have to wear a special bra that is able to fix the woman`s chest in the right position. From physical exertion and sexual life, too, will have to give up for a while. It is better not to take sunbaths for a year.

And yet, medical insurance will not cover the cost of breast augmentation surgery. And if complications arise with implants or any other complications during the operation, then medical insurance will not cover the costs of their replacement.

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