Cameos, mascots and pendants with engraving in the collection of medallions Tous

Cameos, talismans and pendants with engraving in the collection of Tous medallions


Autumn-winter collection Tous consists of four series: three series of medallions of all kinds, and the fourth – other ornaments on which these medallions can and should be worn.

The first series of the Medallions collection, called Idol, included talismans in the form of a feather, a snake, a cross, an elephant and a palm of the hamsa. It is worth noting that the jewelry”for good luck” – a theme to which the jewelers of the Spanish brand applied for the first time.

The second part – Camee – as already obvious from the title, includes medallions in the technique of bas-relief. The precious stones on which the cubs are carved are enclosed in a silver frame covered with a vermeil.

The third series is called Rubric and consists of engraved pendants, in which it is easy to recognize the silhouettes of the bear cub and the letter T. All the ornaments are made of silver. Some are covered with a pink or yellow vermilion.

Finally, the fourth part of the DO collection includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces. They can simply be combined with the suspension of the previous three series. But this is not the main thing. Jewel Finding Tous is an element in the form of a ring with a small ring on all ornaments. On this ring it is possible and necessary to hang medallions – both one by one and several at a time.


Based on the materials of Buro 24/7 and Tous

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