Care for wigs from natural hair

Care for wigs from natural hair

      To wash wigs and false strands of natural hair, use the same shampoos, conditioners and balms that you use daily. However, the waste means must be of high quality, and the washing process – careful.

Before cleaning, put the wig on the disc, untangle the hair on it, comb it with light, soft movements. Try not to touch the base of the wig comb, do not yank the knots, so as not to tear out the hair.

Fill the container with warm water, dissolve in it a shampoo for hair in the proportion: a tablespoon of detergent per liter of water. Immerse the wig into the solution for 30 minutes. Carefully wash the product, foaming in the palms of a few drops of shampoo. Try to wash your hair smoothly and neatly, as if it were your own locks on your head. Rinse the wig in freshly collected cool water. Do not expose the product to a stream of running water. The pressure can confuse the wig, especially the long one.

Rub the hair conditioner into the product, leave the wig for 10-20 minutes. Then put it again in a basin of water to wash off the leftovers.

Do not squeeze, but just let it drain, wrap the wig in a terry towel. It absorbs all the excess moisture. Unfold the towel and leave the product to dry in this form. In principle, wigs can be dried and laid with a hairdryer. But, like”live” hair, a natural wig will react to heat, which will lead to overdrying, cross-section and brittleness.

Comb only the dry wig. Pre-shake it and brush with its tips, then up to the roots. Hurrying to comb the wet strands, you risk pulling and tearing off the hair on the wig.

The wig can be curled on curlers, stacked with fixing means and even cut at your own discretion.

For long-term storage of the product from natural hair, use a paper box, at most a cellophane bag. Periodically take out the wig, ventilate and shake it. For short-term storage use a stand-disc – so the product will keep its shape well and will always be ready for fitting.

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