Celebratory make-up for the year of the Blue Horse

Celebratory make-up for the year of the Blue Horse

      An important distinction of the festive, New Year`s makeup from everyday is stamina. Be sure to use the foundation, with it and the foundation will lie more evenly and the effect of freshness will last substantially.

For problematic skin it is desirable to take a matte silicone base, it is more dense in its consistency and due to this makes the skin smooth. For normal to dry skin, a shimmering base can be used. She, mixing with the tone, will give the effect of a healthy radiance.

Pay close attention to the skin. Effective, eye-catching makeup can only be done on a clean and even face.
Do not forget that the complexion and neck should match. Consider this when applying a foundation. Use for the best result with special cosmetic accessories – a sponge or a brush. If there are redness, rashes or circles under the eyes, you should disguise them with a corrector. To fix the tone, the face must be powdered.

In the year of the Blue Horse, make-up should be bright. Particular attention should be paid to the eyes, since the horse by nature has an expressive look. This night everything is allowed, beginning with rhinestones and sequins, ending with feathers and false eyelashes.

The most suitable colors for eye makeup: black, brown, silver, under the color of horse hair, as well as all shades of blue and green. And they can both be combined and used separately. These colors are universal and suitable for all shades of the eye, so you can easily draw colored arrows, shade the boundaries of smoky eyes or just use one color for all the eyelid.

Do not be afraid to use sequins for makeup, as well as shiny shadows, eyeliner, pencils, lipsticks. The horse loves everything bright and sparkling. Do not overdo it, everything should be in moderation.

The color of the lipstick should be in harmony with the overall picture of the makeup. If the focus was on the eyes, for the lips should choose a more neutral shades and vice versa, if the eyes are painted in a calm shade, the lips are selected bright colors. The color of the blush, if necessary, should be combined or similar to the color of the lipstick.

Another important detail – the formulation of eyebrows. They should be dealt with before applying makeup. A clear and beautiful contour will make the facial features more expressive, if the eye makeup is bright – the eyebrows should be distinguished more than usual.

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