Choose the color of lipstick and learn to paint lips

Choose the color of lipstick and learn to paint lips

The main thing in lipstick is color. First of all, it must correspond to the color type of the owner of the coveted tubes and the color of the clothes. The main landmark for creating harmony in make-up using lipstick is the color of hair and skin.
Councils will be like that.
If you have red hair and pale skin, choose a lipstick of brown, dark red, plum, coral. For blondes with white skin, shades are suitable: dark and light pink, coral, plum. If you are a burning brunette, your lipstick colors are dark red, plum.

At brown-haired women with white and pink skin, the preferred choice is light brown, pink, dark pink, plum, light brown lipstick. The owner of black hair and swarthy skin should choose a deep pink, dark pink, red, plum color. For all fair-haired individuals with fair skin, the most expressive are shades of pink, red, brown and plum color. Stylists advise: a shade of lipstick, lip gloss should correspond with the coloring of your vestments.

How to properly paint your lips? They”decorate” in this order. First, the lips are surrounded by a pencil along their contour. If you decide to choose a contour pencil much brighter than lipstick, the line is recommended to be shaded with an applicator. Lipstick will last longer if you paint over the entire surface of the lips with a pencil. The same effect will give and dusting. Then lipstick is covered with the entire surface of the lips. The brush or rod of the tube is then directed from the middle of the lips to their corners. After applying the first layer of lipstick, blot the lips with a tissue, then apply a layer of makeup again. This procedure is necessary in order not to leave lipstick on your lips, and make it brighter and more stable.

With lipstick, you can adjust the shape of your lips. This is done using a contour pencil. To visually enlarge the lips, the contour line can be drawn just above the natural line. The lips will look fuller if the lipstick is applied with a brush. Liquid eyeliner is used this way: first the lips are moistened with a special balm, then with liquid liner, then with lipstick. Tone podvodki and lipstick should go one to the other gently and unnoticed. Lipstick should be in harmony not only with the toilet, but even with the color of the nail polish. Therefore, it is desirable to have lipstick of different shades in your cosmetic bag so that you can easily choose the right one for a specific case.

Avoid the presence of too many colors on the face. If you, for example, make up your lips with bright lipstick, leave the color of the rest of the face neutral, only slightly shading your cheeks with blush. If for evening make-up you prefer to select bright eye shadows, choose lipstick pale color for lips. Do not overdo with makeup. In the evening, however (with artificial lighting), you can afford to make decisions in makeup more daring. However, remember: with neon lighting, lilac shades of lipstick can give a painful look to your face.
Never use someone else`s lipstick !

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