Citrus – prevention of stroke and blood clots

Citrus - prevention of stroke and blood clots

      The study conducted by scientists was aimed at studying the effect of compounds, the so-called flavonones, on the risk of stroke. These compounds are present in citrus – oranges, grapefruits, lemons, mandarins, they are a kind of food flavonoids that reduce the risk of ischemic stroke.

Women who participated in the study reported their diet and lifestyle every 4 years. During the 14 years during which observations were made, 1803 strokes occurred, half of them related to the formed blood clots. For women who regularly eat citrus, the risk of developing a stroke and a thrombus is 19% less. In addition, the researchers noted that lovers of oranges less smoked, more engaged in sports, less alcohol and caffeine.

Flavonones contained in citrus fruits, improve the function of blood vessels, reduce inflammation. These useful elements are found in large quantities not only in fruits, but also in dark chocolate, as well as in red wine. In addition, good sources of flavonones – berries, green tea, onions, juices. However, do not forget that in the juice producers add a large amount of sugar, so they can damage your health (sugar makes the walls of the vessels more fragile). Note that some products may have side effects, for example, grapefruit juice in large quantities increases the likelihood of liver problems.

One citrus fruit contains about 50 mg of flavonones, and the body needs at least 450-470 mg per day. Therefore, do not limit yourself to one orange – eat more vegetables, fiber and other fruits.

In addition to citrus fruits, excellent stroke prevention – dairy products. Due to the high content of potassium and calcium, they regulate blood pressure, strengthen the vessels. Do not forget to give up bad habits (smoking increases the risk of stroke by 40-60%), alcohol, drugs, fatty and salty foods.

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