Colors for summer color

Colors for the summer color-type

“Summer” is considered a cold color, and the dominant color in its palette is smoky blue. But this does not mean that other colors will not work for you. Base colors for the summer type are:

White – milky with a gray or beige shade.

Gray – gray-blue, silver, ashy, graphite, smoky.

Yellow – lemon, straw, lunisolar, the color of young corn.

Brown – a pink tree, coffee with milk, milk chocolate, brown-smoky.

Blue – smoky blue, turquoise, denim.

Red – crimson, red with blue tint, transparent-scarlet, cherry.

Pink – dusty and ashy pink, purple, fuchsia, cranberry.

Purple – lilac, gray-lilac, blurred lavender, violet.

Green – smoky, gray-green, green apple, blue spruce, mint green, emerald.

Each color is divided into several colors. And, depending on him, every woman has the opportunity to determine the color range that best accentuates her attractiveness.

Bright summer. This color refers to women with fair skin, hair and eyes. Hair – ashy or light blond. Eyes – cold gray, blue, green-blue. Leather – pink-beige, with pink blush. If there are freckles, then they are a light gray-brown shade. The most suitable colors for your wardrobe should be light. And they need to be supplemented with contrasting bright colors.

Bright summer. Hair have light blond color, ashy, gray. Eyes are rich, nutty or bright blue. Ivory skin, light olive or pink. For you, bright colors are bright, combined with light colors.

Contrasting summer. The skin is ivory, hair is ash-brown, brown, eyes are blue and green. The main color of the wardrobe is dark. And the vividness will add bright contrasting details.

Natural summer. Gray-blue, hazel, blurry-green eyes. Medium-blond, smoky brown hair. Pinkish-beige, pink, light olive skin. The dominant colors are dark. Dilute them alive and bright, light colors.

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