Complications after childbirth

Complications after childbirth

      Within 9 months, the female body is rebuilt, preparing for the birth of a child, and when the baby is born, all the organs and systems of the woman must start functioning normally, but not everything is so simple. What problems can a woman face in this time?

Unusual selection

Copious spotting with bright red clots is a signal to an alarm. They can be caused by even a small piece of the placenta that has remained for some reason in the uterus, infection or excessive physical activity. In this case, you should always seek medical help.

The temperature, chills, a sharp smell of discharge from the vagina can signal the presence of an inflammatory process in the uterus. Self-medication in this situation is contraindicated. If you do not seek medical help on time, there is a chance of complications and even contamination of the blood.

Opening the seam (even minor) after caesarean section, which is accompanied by foul-smelling secretions, is a sign of infection.

Soreness in the crotch area

Many women (especially during the first birth) are subjected to episiotomy, that is, the perineum is cut to make the fetus easier to go out. The resulting wound after birth is sutured. Sutures can be aching for several days, but if you feel seals in the crotch, unpleasant pain and discharge from the wound, then most likely it`s about infection or divergence of the suture.

Seals in the chest, soreness!

High fever, chest tightness, soreness – all these are signs of mastitis. If you do not follow the state of the breast, then there is the possibility of inflammation. To prevent such complications, carefully express the milk after each feeding and watch for the presence of seals. In advanced cases, an operation is performed.

Swelling, redness and tenderness in the legs

These unpleasant symptoms indicate the presence of thrombophlebitis – blood clots form in the veins. By and large, nothing threatening life in this, no, but the doctor must definitely turn.


More than 80% of women suffer from this unpleasant disease in the postpartum period. The reason for the appearance of knots is too much workload in the laborious period of labor, irregular stools, sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition. If you eliminate the cause, then a few months later the problem will go away by itself. If hemorrhoids bring discomfort and even pain, accompanied by bleeding, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe a course of treatment.

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