Cones on the heels

Cones on the heels

      Plantar fasciitis, or calcaneal spur, is formed due to improper metabolism, increased pressure on the heel area due to the wearing of narrow and uncomfortable shoes, but in most cases the cause is flatfoot, when the load on the feet when walking is changed. There is a strain of tendons, the surface layer of the bone tissue located beneath them is inflamed. In addition, the formation of cones on the heels lead to arthritis, Bekhterev`s disease, gout, polyarthritis.

In order to quickly cope with the disease, you must always consult a doctor orthopedic surgeon. Based on visual examination, patient complaints and radiography, the cause of the disease will be established. Self-medication is not worth it. Folk methods can be used only as an additional therapy.

Cones on the heels are treated conservatively. In cases of severe growths accompanied by intense pain, intensive treatment or surgery can be prescribed.

Complex treatment uses massage and therapeutic exercises, which help improve blood circulation. Due to this, it is possible to cope with the inflammatory process. Physiotherapeutic methods include magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, ultrasound, laser therapy, UFO. During treatment, the heel should be protected from increased stress, for this the doctor prescribes orthopedic insoles, which distribute the load on the entire foot.

If the patient is not helped by the prescribed procedures, and severe pain continues, the doctor can recommend shock wave or X-ray therapy. Not everyone can carry out this treatment. Contraindications include a violation of blood coagulability, malignant neoplasms, pregnancy.

To stop the pain syndrome, intensive drug blockades are carried out. The procedure requires a lot of experience and knowledge on the part of the doctor, since the choice of the drug, the accuracy and depth of administration play a decisive role. If an error occurs, complications can occur in the form of suppuration, necrosis of soft tissues, or the effect of the treatment will be absent.

The operation is performed as a last resort, when all methods did not lead to the desired result. Removing the spur does not guarantee that the bumps on the heels do not form again, since the cause of their appearance during surgery is not eliminated.

As preventive methods to avoid the formation of cones on the heels, it is necessary to fight overweight, avoid overloading the feet, lead an active lifestyle, timely treat all diseases of the joints and spine, flat feet, wear comfortable shoes.

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