Constant sore throat: causes and methods of treatment

Permanent sore throat: causes and methods of treatment

      Chronic tonsillitis manifests a constant pain in the throat, and it is not associated with hypothermia or the autumn-winter period. Most often in the morning it is more pronounced, and by evening it is almost not felt. This pathogenic process does not pass without a trace for health, because an infection with blood flow spreads throughout the body and can be localized in the kidneys, heart, joints, gall bladder. Avoid all the consequences, as well as the possible removal of tonsils due to their proliferation, will help only a full, prolonged treatment and general strengthening of the body

Begin the treatment of tonsillitis with the elimination of caries, if any. Then in the oral cavity pathogenic microorganisms will not break balance, and tonsils do not have to constantly fight with them and in response to it inflame.

With the help of a diet, normalize the work of the intestine and restore its microflora, because it depends on it the development of its own immunity. To do this, eat more raw vegetables, fruits and herbs, especially onions and garlic. Exclude sugar, white bread, baking and any confectionery. Moderate consume milk, potatoes. To replenish the body with liquid, use only water – up to 10 glasses a day, and for the night necessarily drink a glass of yogurt.

At the time of treatment, support the body with vitamins. Vitamin C is especially useful because it increases immunity, so that one can get rid of tonsillitis without antibiotics. No less important is calcium. This microelement restores the acid-base balance, as a result, the healing process is more intense.

Treatment of tonsillitis can not be complete without purging the tonsils from pathogens, so after morning and evening oral hygiene, rinse your throat with a slightly yellow solution of furacilin or a solution of salt. Use at least 1 liter of liquid for this. After rinsing, suck in the mouth a streptocid tablet and within 30 minutes do not eat any kind of food and water, and try to swallow less saliva. Use for rinsing and decoction of chamomile. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. Drink it in hot form with small sips and use for inhalations.

Above mentioned means is enough to cure a sore throat. But they should be used regularly for at least 2-3 weeks. To prevent tonsillitis in the future, increase the energy potential of the body: harden with water, do morning exercises, 3 times a week, create a more intense load to your muscles, which will help disperse blood and lymph. In addition, take moderate sunbathing and continue to eat properly.

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