Contraceptive pills for acne

Birth control pills for acne

      Contraceptive pills not only prevent pregnancy, but also equalize the menstrual cycle, reduce pain with menstruation, reduce the risk of an ectopic pregnancy and even help to cope with acne. The latter is especially true for girls who have already tried to use different lotions, cleansing gels and acne creams, but they could not get rid of this problem.

Inflammations on the skin often occur as a result of hormonal imbalance. That`s why no cosmetics help with acne, and some women are struggling with this problem from adolescence to menopause. The best option in such cases is the restoration of the hormonal background. This is partly the result of birth control pills: they contain desogestrel, a synthetic analogue of the hormone progesterone, due to which the excessive release of fat from the sebaceous glands is slowed. Since acne occurs as a result of excessive accumulation of sebum in dead cells, this problem is solved after taking birth control medications.

The contraceptive pills containing drospirenone are especially effective in combating acne and acne. This substance helps to remove excess fluid from the body, reduce swelling, a strong reduction in the number of pimples until their complete disappearance. Also, drugs based on it normalize the growth of follicles and relieve some problems associated with the duration, abundance and painfulness of the menstrual cycle and often exclude the appearance of acne during menstruation.

Despite the fact that modern contraceptive pills are undergoing a variety of tests, and experts are trying to minimize their side effects, a woman should not at all choose to prescribe drugs, especially if her only goal is getting rid of acne. In such cases, you should visit a gynecologist and dermatologist, since only a doctor can prescribe a remedy that is ideal. Remember also that you will not notice an instant effect, as it can take several weeks for the hormonal background to smooth out, and for some women it may take several months.

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