Cosmetics Yves Saint Laurent

Cosmetics Yves Sent Loran

In addition to the perfume line, Yves Sent Loran creates lines for the care of face and body.

The best half of humanity uses not only the decorative cosmetics of Yves Saint Laurent, but also the spirits that are produced under this brand.

No need to talk about the irreproachable quality and originality of cosmetics from Yves Saint Laurent. I just want to note that this cosmetics is unique, and it is popular all over the world.

Lipsticks produced under the brand Yves Sent Loran, look great on the lips. Their texture is semitransparent. Lipstick Yves Saint Laurent takes care of the lips, protects them from UVI and other unfavorable factors. She is rightfully considered one of the best.

If we talk about mascara, the latest technology of”three-layer film” is used here. The effect of false eyelashes is created. Cilia become thick, while they are smoothed and protected. Mascara is applied evenly, does not glue the eyelashes. It`s just a dream of any woman!

Do not forget about tonal remedies. Yves Saint Laurent has developed a light cream that is convenient to use. He takes care of the skin very well, giving it softness and smoothness. It has a translucent texture, while it hides the skin imperfections well, smoothing the complexion. The tone cream from Yves Sent Loran looks very natural on the face.

Yves Sent Loran also produces cream powder. It is better to use for normal and combination skin. It perfectly masks all skin imperfections, but, at the same time, does not look like a mask – the texture is very light and tight.

The cosmetics collection from Yves Saint Laurent is constantly being updated. There are already new eye shadows (their shades will satisfy any woman), nail polish”3 in 1″ (it is also used as a basis for covering the nail), powder (absorbs skin discharge).

This article covers just a few products of this great couturier. Any of his cosmetics will suit a woman who chooses quality and beauty.

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