Cryosauna: the pros and cons of the procedure

Cryosauna: the pros and cons of the procedure

The appearance of cryosauna resembles a vertical solarium. The technology of the cryosauna procedure is a short-term (no more than a few minutes) comfortable cooling of the skin of the body below the level of the neck with streams directed from the air-nitrogen mixture at temperatures from -1300C to -1800C. The procedure is absolutely safe and always conducted under the supervision of specialists.

Pros of cryosauna

It is impossible to overlook the cosmetic effect from the visits of cryosauna, as already about five sessions allow to smooth wrinkles, and the skin acquires elasticity. Complex treatment of skin diseases (acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, cellulitis) with cold exposure allows to stop inconsistent growth of skin cells, which ultimately suppresses inflammatory processes, improving the cellular structure of tissues. Promotes weight loss by burning the subcutaneous fat layer.

In addition to the cosmetic effect, there are medical indications for the reception of cryotherapy sessions. The intensity of the flow of common diseases of the musculoskeletal system (rheumatism, osteochondrosis, arthritis, etc.), as well as injuries, is markedly weakened due to the improvement of blood circulation in bone tissues. The application of the cold effect facilitates and cures diseases of the female productive system, respiratory tract (there are contraindications!).

Surprising is the fact of curing alcohol dependence and alleviating the state of narcotic withdrawal for patients.

Cons of cryosauna

Negative effect is the procedure of cryotherapy in people with a violation of cardiovascular activity (heart attacks, strokes, thrombosis).

It is not recommended to be in cryosauna to pregnant and lactating women, oncologists, as well as people suffering from diseases of the urinary system.

The suffering claustrophobia, as well as people with individual cold intolerance, will be extremely difficult to be in cryosauna.

Whatever is said about”cold” therapy, cryosauna gives a therapeutic effect only in case of a positive attitude to the procedure itself !!

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