Dehydrated face and body skin: home masks and lotions

Dehydrated facial and body skin: home masks and lotions

Citrus Mask for Dehydrated Facial Skin

Squeeze juice from one juicy orange or grapefruit and mix it with 2 tsp. of natural honey. The mixture should be applied to the cleansed skin and leave for 7-9 minutes. This mask for dehydrated skin perfectly moisturizes, and thanks to the acids it contains, it also gently brightens the skin.

Highly moisturizing masks for dehydrated oily skin

The recipe for one of these miracle cures is: mix 1 tsp. natural honey with 1 tsp. of dried milk. Dissolve the resulting product with chilled boiled water until creamy consistency. Cover the skin of the face and neck with a gruel, leave for 13-18 minutes.

Oily dehydrated skin will be transformed beyond recognition after applying the following mask: 2 tsp. mix any vegetable oil with 1 tsp. mustard and water (you need to add a little bit). Spread the skin with the preparation and leave for 4-7 minutes.

This cosmetic procedure is recommended to be done up to twice a week, then the desired effect will come faster.

Cream for dehydrated skin

Restore dehydrated skin will help this magic cream: mix 40 ml of aloe juice, 40 ml of distilled water and 20 ml of infusion from pink petals. To make this infusion, steal 2 tablespoons. buds of roses in a glass of boiling water and insist for 25-27 minutes. Preheat this composition in a water bath, and afterwards add to the solution 100 g of lard. The resulting cream is recommended to be applied daily. Store residues in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator.

Infusion of pink petals can be replaced with rose water.

How to make a dehydrated skin lotion at home

From the pulp of grape berries squeeze the juice: to do this, mash the berries, leave them for a couple of hours, and then strain. To make a lotion for overdried skin you will need 400 ml of grape juice, 1 tsp. table salt and 2 tbsp. of natural honey. Strain the prepared composition, then add 1 glass of vodka to it. Moisten the skin and lubricate it with a miraculous lotion. After 2-2.5 hours, rinse. This lotion can moisten not only the face, but dry skin on the lower legs and dehydrated parts of the body. You can store the finished lotion for a month, but only in the refrigerator.

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