Delicate drawings for nails

Delicate drawings for nails

      In recent years, the trend of naturalness in the manicure has remained, exquisite and delicate drawings are popular. Of the colors, all the shades of beige, light brown, pale pink are relevant. Pay attention to colors that are just a little darker than the skin. For lunar and French manicure it is worth trying bright colors. But sometimes the brightness and extravagance does not fit the mood at all. Sometimes you want tenderness and some weightlessness, it can be done in the design of nails.

If you decided to create a romantic image, fantasize with the drawings of flowers. Choose a pleasant warm tone, then the manicure will be good for the everyday image, and for the evening.

A good option is a variety of drawings in the form of characters. Perform them using contrasting tones, but on a gentle light background – and your manicure will be very elegant.

Also look great patterns, painted very thin air strokes. As an option, try to draw lace elements. Drawings will turn gentle even against a dark background.

Remember spring, summer themes, in pastel tones they will find a new look. Butterflies, flowers, sea motives will give you a wonderful mood and excellent ideas for the design of nails.

Perhaps the most delicate design can be done with the help of white, sparkles and a light pattern with a light purple or pink tinge. This option will help express extremely gentle and soft features of your image.

Luxurious views have oriental motifs, made in muted tones. Sakura flowers, hieroglyphs – beat them in different versions and turn out very nicely.

Thin, sometimes weightless drawings always provide you with an original manicure. In addition, an attractive manicure will be obtained if you perform drawings with transitions from one color to another.

Of course, bright pictures for nails will cheer up a little in cloudy and cold weather, but gentle and elegant will give a romantic mood. Drawings on nails are always beautiful and elegant. Combine successfully colors, choose options for your appearance and mood, and your manicure will be on top.

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