Diamond Fever

Diamond fever

In the treasured casket of the house can lie a huge amount of jewelry, because it has a wide range of colors and is very affordable. Of course, this does not apply to luxury jewelry, which is made from natural materials and semiprecious stones, due to which, in its value, it is sometimes comparable to gold products.

Jewelry items from precious metals can not be bought as much as jewelry, but this in general is not necessary. It is enough to have several basic things (elegant earrings, a chain, a few coulombs to it, etc.), which you can wear on various official events. And if the decoration is encrusted with diamonds – it will look good in any situation.

True, diamonds like everyone, but few can afford them. Depending on the color, purity and shape of the diamond, the price per carat can reach several tens of thousands of dollars! Only this is not an excuse to get upset and think that the cherished pebbles will never be at your disposal.

First, most of the diamonds that are on sale are quite affordable. Secondly, the popularity of this type of investment has recently increased, as the purchase of certified diamonds from large jewelry factories. This type of investment has even been called a”diamond fever”.

Judge for yourself. You can buy diamonds from the plant at the exchange price. Investing in gold and precious stones is an effective way of insurance against currency risks. For the buyer remains the right at any time to return the stones to the plant and get a sum of money for this. It is calculated by a special price list in US dollars, which also reduces the risk of currency losses.

But at the same time bought diamonds do not need to be stored at home in a safe, they can easily be encrusted in jewelry. So any girl who wants to receive a diamond decoration from her fan can explain to him that this is not a waste of decent money for”trinkets”, but a very profitable investment investment !

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