Dress code and basic rules

Dress code and its basic rules

Dress code rules

The larger, more famous the company, the more stringent the dress code requirements. The employee must have at least four business suits, which, according to the color scheme, should harmonize with each other. In winter and summer time, it is mandatory to wear a long sleeve shirt, or three quarters for women. Offices are equipped with air conditioning, so work in clothes for the dress code will be comfortable in hot season. More often than two days you can not wear the same suit. Shirts are changed daily. Particular attention is paid to the hands. Women are welcomed by the French manicure. Men should also be well-groomed hands. At office employees length of hair should be up to shoulders. If the length of the hair is below the shoulders, you must put them in a bundle, braid the braid, or build a babette.

The rules of the dress code in the office are compliance with business etiquette in clothing, which indicates the status of the company.

Women`s clothing dress code

The rules of the dressress for women include both trouser suits and suits with a skirt of pastel or dark tones. As a shoe must have shoes with a closed cape, with a heel 4 cm. Women must wear tights, both in winter and in summer. Women pay special attention to daytime make-up. The face should look fresh. A small application of blush, light shadows and lip gloss is allowed. Styling the hair is also the daily duty of the employees working on the dresscoat.

In the charter of the women`s dress code in the office are included except the rules in clothing, and also hair styling, make-up, manicure and the presence of shoes on a low heel.

Types of dress codes for men

The dress code for men has no less rules than women. A clean-shaven face, clean hair, a fresh shirt, ironed trousers are the basic requirements of the men`s dresscoat. Men should have at least four or five suits in the wardrobe. A jacket with a slit, three or two buttons is suitable. The color of the costumes, according to”dresscode”, allows a barely noticeable”cell” or a muffled”strip”. A turn-down collar with buttons is welcomed in the shirt. Preferably the color of the shirts is white in combination with a black, dark blue suit, or”ayvori” – with a suit of chocolate, coffee shades.

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