Duration of childbirth. How many are deliveries?

Duration of labor: How many births are there?

Surely you already coped with giving birth to your friends about how many are giving birth . Some told you a saga in the spirit of”and the day lasts for more than a century” (and were not far from the truth, if there were protracted births), others brushed aside – gave birth, they say, and did not notice. Which is also partly true, if it was a case of rapid delivery, and even repeated.

How many births actually last?

Duration of births depends on a lot, and it is impossible to accurately describe the time that will take to give birth to a baby. Here the role is played by the age of the mother, the position of the fetus, the health of both.
Also, the duration of labor is affected by emotions, the physiological characteristics of women, even the use of pain medications. And this is not the whole list.

Physicians, however, determine the average time of normal births in this way.
If you give birth for the first time, then the process will take one source 6-10 hours, others – 15-20. This discrepancy, I think, is due to the fact that in the first case, the active phase of birth is actually considered, and in the second one all the stages.

Therefore, I propose to consider all periods of birth, their characteristics and duration.

length of labor, how many deliveries are going on

Duration of labor: first period

This period is divided into 3 phases.
The first phase, called the latent , takes most of the time, and can last up to 9 hours. At this time, fights begin, while quite weak, the cervix becomes softer and more elastic and begins to open gradually. It happens quite slowly and for the entire first phase there is an opening of 3-4 centimeters.

The second phase is active – continues from 3 to 6 hours . At this time, contractions become more violent, painful, occur more often, the cervix continues to open. By the end of the phase, the neck should open up to 7-8 centimeters.

The third, or transition phase , actually means a transition to the process of birth, that is, attempts. At this time, contractions become even stronger and more frequent, the cervix opens at 10 centimeters. The phase lasts from a few minutes to an hour and ends with the feeling that you need to strain.
This is the signal to the fact that the second period has begun.

Duration of labor: second period

By this time, during normal delivery, the cervix has already opened up to 10 centimeters, that is, it is quite capable of missing the baby`s head. During the attempt, the doctor will ask you to exert all efforts to push the head out. Then the doctors will help him to escape.
At normal sorts this the period lasts about 45 minutes at the women giving birth or travail for the first time and half more at those who gives birth repeatedly.

This is a very critical period. Here, if the case drags on for a long time, doctors will have to help the baby, using tools or other methods. We must understand that this is necessary, since the baby, remaining for a long time in the birth canal in an uncomfortable position, may suffer.

Duration of labor: third period

Actually the baby was born and you are absolutely happy. You want to close your eyes and rest, but it`s too early. After the birth of the baby must leave the latter, which is still in the cavity of the uterus.

In some cases, everything happens quickly, and the latter comes out just a couple of minutes after giving birth. If this does not happen, doctors will wait, but not more than half an hour , because after this time, the independent exit of the afterlife is already unlikely.
Then the midwife simply helps him to separate with special, almost painless manipulations.

That`s all. But still it is necessary to consider, that after sorts or labors small operations in case of cracks and ruptures of a tissue can be necessary. Also, you will have to spend some time in the delivery room with a cooling pad to stop the bleeding.

In conclusion, I want to focus on the fact that you yourself can somehow affect the duration of birth .

So, for example, it depends on your emotional state, how many births are going on . If you experience fear and distrust towards doctors, the process can be delayed. Experiencing a psychological strain, you thereby provoke muscle tension, which should not be done.

In this case, doctors can resort to the introduction of drugs that stimulate delivery. On the one hand, there is nothing terrible in this, this is normal practice. On the other hand, in this case the contractions will not only become frequent, but will also be more painful than in the normal state.

Also, a significant role in how many births , plays your behavior, especially in the first period. If you lie motionless on your back, then do not use gravity to speed up the process. Much better to stand or walk (of course, not too fast), then the baby will be faster”move to the exit.” At worst, you can lie on your side or sit down. The
But it is worth considering that at some point you will be forbidden to sit and then you should listen to the doctors.

Childbirth may be delayed if you decide that you can not tolerate pain and will require anesthesia before the labor enters the active phase. According to medical observations, such untimely intervention very often leads to weakening of labor.
So, it`s better to gain strength and endure.
Good assistants at this time will be the correct breathing and massage of special points.

Alexandra Panyutina
Women`s magazine JustLady

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