Early menopause: to be afraid or rejoice?

Early menopause: fear or rejoice?

There are many reasons for the development of early menopause in very young women. Genetic disorders, central nervous system damage, various chronic ovarian diseases, drug and chemical effects. There is even evidence of a link between early menopause in women with their own intrauterine development in the mother`s abdomen. In addition, scientists believe that there is a predisposition in some women to the early menopause, which manifests itself in a special way of life and circumstances.

In women with an early menopause for 12-20 years, there is an absolutely normal regular menstrual cycle. Then gradually or suddenly stop monthly and there are other signs of menopause, which significantly complicate the health and well-being of a woman.

Tides – a sharp drop in estrogens in the blood, at which the temperature regulator”fails” in the body, from which the brain receives a”cold” signal. At this time, the vessels are dilated, the woman throws into fever, intense sweating begins. There is irritability, sudden changes in mood, depression. The risk of osteochondrosis increases due to a decrease in bone mass and weakening of the muscles of the back and extremities.

Early menopause is considered to be a condition that requires treatment by specialists. Women who have noticed signs of menopause and irregular menstruation at the age of 40-45 years should be observed at the gynecologist, endocrinologist, oncologist. Doctors recommend to donate blood to hormones.

Do not despair if you are in a group of women with an early menopause. In modern medicine, hormonal therapy with estrogen and complex oral contraceptives is successfully used. Hormonal treatment improves well-being, the woman regains a blossoming appearance.

If you already have children and reproductive harm in the early menopause, you do not really care, you can use hormone replacement therapy under the supervision of a doctor right up until the natural age of menopause. Thus, you can even delay the approach of old age.

Keep on living and enjoying life! Some women note that the sex drive in the early menopause does not decrease, but even increases. The eternal female fear disappears suddenly to become pregnant, the”second youth” comes.

If you are still dreaming of giving birth, it is quite possible. It is important to consult a doctor as early as possible, with the first signs of ovarian malnutrition, before taking hormone replacement therapy. A woman with the first signs of an early menopause is able to bear and give birth to a healthy child. Conception can occur itself against the background of the reception of female hormones, but more often fertilization occurs with the help of IVF – in vitro fertilization with the use of the”native” maternal egg.

Medicine does not stand still, and the choice is yours. Most importantly, change your attitude to this period. Love yourself and remain a woman – at any age interesting and attractive.

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