Effect of pregnancy on the spine

Effect of pregnancy on the spine

      The condition of the mother`s backbone does not affect the development of the baby, and it is important for future mothers to remember this. Back pain will not do any harm to the baby, but this does not mean that a woman should not pay attention to them. On the contrary, it is very important to monitor your health and, if possible, get rid of unpleasant sensations.

During pregnancy, the body weight of a woman gradually increases, which means that the load on the spine increases. Already at the end of the first trimester, frequent back pain may appear, which then increase with every month, if not taken. In addition, due to increased production of estrogen, the mobility of the spine increases, which can lead to micro-injury. That`s why even in the first months of pregnancy a woman should take care of herself, do not overwork, and forget about carrying heavy loads.

As the center of gravity moves forward, the direction of the anatomical axis of the spine changes. A new, unaccustomed posture combined with gradually increasing loads leads to back pain even in some happy owners of a healthy spine. Back pain is also associated with a change in the hormonal background. For example, the hormone relaxin promotes the gradual stretching of the interosseous joints of the pelvis, partly facilitating the process of delivery and at the same time increasing the burden on the spine. As a result, there are unpleasant sensations in the back, waist, and pain in the legs.

A pregnant woman should be prepared for the fact that her spine will have to withstand additional stresses. It is recommended to exercise from the first weeks of pregnancy to gymnastics, strengthening the muscles of the back and helping the body gradually get used to the changing posture. In addition, a good option will be the use of a special bandage, thanks to which you can reduce to a minimum the burden on the spine and get rid of back pain. Such precautions will not only facilitate the process of carrying a child, but also help prepare for the first months after the birth of the baby, when mothers often have to carry a child in their arms.

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