Eve Duet – the first double flavor of Avon: a lot of moods, many combinations

Eve Duet - the first double flavor of Avon: a lot of moods, lots of combinations


A woman is the volatility of moods, desires, plans. And this is her charm. A woman always needs a new image. Surprise and be unique. Every morning she decides what she is like today. However, by the evening it can wait for absolute reincarnation. The choice of flavor plays a special role in this. Eve Duet from Avon – a symbol of women`s versatility. Two exclusive fragrances, enclosed in one bottle, are so unlike each other, but at the same time harmoniously combined with each other.

Flower-fruit Radiant ** – radiant, airy, with sparkling notes of clementine, and piquant amber – gives a sensation of flight. Flower-tree Sensual *** – dizzying, with spicy notes of plum and mysterious patchouli – surrounds the aura of sensuality. In each of them the water lily sounds in its own way, adding tenderness to the beginning of the day and endowing with heady feelings romantic evenings.

If you decide on your moods and plans not so simply, you can create your own, unique composition, mixing the two scents in any proportions and in any order. For example, add a drop of evening languor in the glow of the day or a spark of morning freshness in a night adventure. The options, how to emphasize contrasts, are almost unlimited. The first double aroma from Avon, Eve Duet indulges a woman, emphasizing her inconsistency and inviting to experiments.

The author of Avon Eve Duet fragrance is the hereditary perfumer and best-selling author for many of the biggest fashion houses Jean Marc Chaillan from the American IFF – one of the 3 best perfume houses in the world.

The face of Eve Duet was Eva Mendes. Model, famous actress, designer, tender wife and caring mother of two children – like any modern woman, she performs in different roles, not only on the screen, but in life.

“I am honored to represent the new fragrance of the company, which for many years has shared and respects the interests of women,” says Eva. – Eve Duet allows you to create new images, express yourself in accordance with my mood. I`m happy to experiment with various combinations of Sensual *** and Radiant **, which always accurately reflect what I feel at the moment.”

With the aroma of Avon Eve Duet, you are always unique !!


Shining. Floral. Fruit.

Sparkling. Easy. Air.

Top notes: sparkling, sunny clementine, apple bright color and soft delicate shade of black currant bud, adding the image of a little more easy charm.

Medium notes: in the heart of the fragrance lies the essential oil of the water lily Pink Dawn (Nymphaea Pink Dawn). The beauty of the flower motif is especially brightly revealed in combination with the natural absolute of jasmine and the velvety peach pion.

Base notes: warm golden amber aroma adds elegance and musk and woody accords fill it at the same time sensual and carefree.


Sensual. Woody. Floral.

Charming. Captivating. Irresistible.

Top notes: juicy bergamot, wild plum and spice notes of pink pepper, adding a piquant mystery composition.

Medium notes: exquisite exotic white water lily White Dusk – true perfumer temptation. A tantalizing combination of jasmine and scarlet roses fills the fragrance with passion.

Base notes: as the fragrance unfolds, the tempting and sultry sound of musk appears. Hypnotic patchouli and a chocolate tree leave a beckoning trail.

Thanks to a combination of these two completely different flavors, you can create absolutely new, unique compositions for your mood.

Aroma! Avon Eve Duet will be introduced in the new catalog for the first time Avon № 15 (from 16.10.2017 to 5.11.2017)

Cost Avon Eve Duet – 1299 rubles.


* in the briefcase Avon

** Shining

*** Sensual

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