Evening dresses in retro style

Evening dresses in retro style

Models of evening retro dresses changed unrecognizably during the XX century. Exquisite dresses in the style of the 20`s provide for free cut and sewn from weightless flying pastel colors. At the beginning of the century, fashion trends dictated emancipation, which made women`s outfits more free and comfortable. The length of the retro dress”a-la 20`s” can be knee-deep or slightly lower. Obliged waist is an obligatory detail. It should be remembered that she visually shortens the figure, so these dresses will suit only the most slender women of fashion. The sleeves on the dresses are”wing-shaped” or not at all. You can throw a shawl or boa on open shoulders. Gloves to the elbows will also be appropriate. The outfit should be supplemented with long multi-layer beads up to the waist or a velvet on the neck. Corresponding to the era of hair will also be welcome. In the 20s, short haircuts were in vogue: the hair was laid in a wave and fixed with several layers of varnish.

A distinctive feature of retro dresses in the style of the 50`s is a pronounced waist, a lush skirt and a tight-fitting feminine bodice. Traditionally, satin, silk, velvet or crepe de Chine are used. The fabric can be monophonic or with a gentle and slightly naive print: in a red and white cage, in small peas, with ornament from large flowers or scattered on the hem of a cherry. Reminiscence to the 60th will be the use of properly selected accessories. So, it`s better to replace the hat with a wide hoop or ribbon, and instead of a three-dimensional bag, take a miniature clutch that fits in color. From shoes to a retro dress in the style of the 50`s ballet shoes or lacquer shoes with a low stable heel.

60-70th years dictated the fashion more bold decisions and colors. The most popular materials for evening dresses of this era are nylon and crimpplenum in a rich pink, red or green color. Best reflect the style of the epoch of the skirt-year, sleeves in three-quarters of length and collars-stoechki, emphasizing the sensuality and sexuality of women. Supplement the image of disproportionately large”dragonfly” glasses and headscarves.

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