Evening out: dresses from velvet

Evening out: dresses from velvet

First let`s try to determine what the different types of velvet are. Panbarhat – light, shiny, with beautiful patterns. Plush is familiar to everyone on soft toys. It is thick and thick. Velveteen is velvet in the hem, and velvet-stretch became a real find of the XX century. Out of it perfectly come out tight-fitting turtlenecks, charming evening blouses.

And what is velvet on the podium? It was opened for fashion by the famous Coco Chanel, who in 1939 presented a skirt as a costume. Since then many years have passed, and velvet has firmly entered the collections of ZHivanshi, Christian Dior, Galliano, Ungaro and many other couturiers.

Giorgio Armani focuses on deep burgundy and black. His dresses are extraordinarily feminine and attract the eye, amazing imagination by decoration, cut, fantasy of the great couturier. His models are made in the pre-war Hollywood style, in some ways repeating the evening toilets of the film stars of the beginning of the era of color cinema.

However, not only Armani is a longtime admirer of noble velor. Designer of clothes Eli Saab creates collections of velvet dresses that have become the trademark of this luxurious mari. Her dress is distinguished by the elegance and softness of the cut lines. Many other designers use velvet as inserts in dresses from other material, and also create a part of ensembles: jackets, skirts, pants, coats. For its special shine in artificial light, velvet can rightly be called the fabric of evening parties and nightclubs. The world of glamor does not imagine itself without velor.

In 2010-2011, velvet dresses of cherry, black, blood-red color are especially fashionable. The dress style can be both short and long, and simple and with a plethora of draperies and inserts made from other fabrics. Fashion for velvet dresses comes back every fall, so do not be afraid to buy this gorgeous outfit.

Selection of accessories for a velvet evening toilet should go on the principle of”the less, the better.” Velvet is already gorgeous in itself, so the maximum that you can afford is a string of pearls, a pendant. With a velvet dress, you can put on velvet shoes. You can wear a velvet dress with a thin translucent cape, or a scarf.

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