Eyebrow Pencil: how to choose and use correctly

Eyebrow Pencil: how to choose and use

There are mechanical and wooden eyebrow pencils that require sharpening. Everyone has their own advantages. Mechanical is more simple and convenient to use, and wooden – more economical (enough for a long time and is cheaper).

How to choose a pencil for the eyebrows

Do not confuse the eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. The eyebrow pencil is much harder. If he is too soft, he will very heavily make up his eyebrows, and it will look vulgar.
The classic color of the eyebrow pencil is black, but in the shops you can find a whole range of shades of brown and beige colors.

Black is better suited to the owners of dark brown and black hair. Brown-haired and red-haired should choose brown shades. And blondes – beige or ash-brown, respectively.

For a more natural effect, you can immediately select 2, close in color pencil. Closer to the bridge of the nose should be applied a darker shade, and at the temple – more light.

How to paint your eyebrows in pencil!

Check if the pencil is sharp. For the convenience of sharpening a wooden pencil – put it for a few minutes in the freezer.

Then apply some light touches in the places that you think should be corrected. These strokes should mimic the eyebrow hairs.

You should not bring the whole eyebrow in one continuous motion. Better just just outline their boundaries. After that, brush your eyebrows with a special brush – this you will achieve an easy feathering of the pencil.

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