Eyelash extensions: varieties and features

Eyelash extensions: varieties and features

Eyelash extensions are offered by many beauty salons and cosmeticians. However, before going to give up in their skillful hands, let`s examine what kind of procedure it is. Eyelash extension will allow your eyes to become expressive, and you will feel like a Hollywood beauty – in the event that the build-up will be done accurately and from high-quality materials. During the procedure, additional cilia will be attached to your cilia, this is a completely painless process.

For the production of”second” eyelashes are used natural and artificial materials: hairs of mink and sable, silk and silicone. Eyelashes are attached with a special glue. The build-up session can last from one hour to three hours. Duration depends on the way that you cilts cilia.

Ways of fixing the eyelashes are two: the beam and the peri-lateral. What are the features of each method?

The beam method. In this case, a bundle of 6-8 cilia will immediately attach to the eyelid. For the beam method, synthetic cilia are used, and the term of their”service” is only 10 days. Unfortunately, these eyelashes look artificial, and if the beam falls out – there will be a noticeably empty space on your century.

The shaded method. This method is more expensive and in the chair of the cosmetologist you will have to spend more time, but the result you will be satisfied. For the sprinkling use natural materials – mink, sable, silk, and, if necessary, you can also use synthetics. In accordance with this method, eyelashes are attached one piece at a time – one artificial lash. These eyelashes look natural and will serve you for about three months.

Your native eyelashes should be clean from cosmetics and cream. If you are blonde and you have light eyelashes – color them in advance, otherwise they will differ in color from the accretions.

Choosing eyelashes is better from natural materials there is nothing – they are the most eco-friendly for your eyes and hypoallergenic.

Make-up artists recommend doing ciliary extensions of different lengths – so the eyes look more natural. Usually the length varies from five to thirty mm. Bend and color should match your natural eyelashes.

After building, you can not cry, rub your eyes with your hands, use greasy shadows and eye creams. It is undesirable to cry, you can not rub your eyes, use fat shadows, eyelids, drop your face into the pillow. Otherwise in the morning you may find that part of your eyelashes fell off, or they stick out in different directions. In this case, you have to go to the adjustment, it takes less time than the full build-up session. If you wear contact lenses, your eyelashes will serve you much less. Curl artificial eyelashes can not.

You can also make yourself enchanting eyelashes and even decorate them with, for example, rhinestones. But only this option is suitable only for certain cases. And in everyday life, naturalness is the best variant of beauty even for Hollywood beauties.

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