Facelift: how not to overdo it

Facelift: how not to overdo it

There are more or less reliable and proven methods of maintaining youth, such as facelift. Absolutely safe, as well as any operations, you will not name, but, thanks to the experience of previous generations, the advantages, disadvantages and certain risks of this type of surgical interventions are known.

A more natural and less time-consuming rehabilitation is a face lift for relatively young 40-45-year-old women. A classic lift is made for older people, with significant signs of skin fading.

How do you conduct such operations? To begin with, soft tissues and muscles of the face and neck are pulled in different directions, then they work with the problem areas of subcutaneous fat on the facial bones and cheeks, and finally remove excess skin near the incisions exactly so that it does not create excessive tension.

The effect of facelift is quite noticeable and persists for 7-10 years. The desire to deceive the time is so strong that women are not stopped even by possible (though not frequent) complications in the form of uneven scars, swelling and swelling, dying skin flaps, loss of sensitivity in certain areas of the face or damage to the facial nerve.

When deciding on surgical rejuvenation, be sure to be examined beforehand, carefully choose a clinic and a specialist to whom you trust your appearance. If you were lucky with a surgeon who did everything right and saved you from possible postoperative troubles, then the main thing is not to get carried away and not to overdo it.
Remember that after a circular facelift (especially repeated), the skin is sometimes pulled over, your facial features may lose their individuality. And people who love you, and are accustomed to seeing your unique, smiling face, hardly like someone else`s sedentary mask. Passion for plastic surgery can lead to thinning and atrophy of the skin. Therefore it is important to know the measure and not to demand from the nature of the impossible.

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