Fashion scarves and scarves 2011: under the banner of multifunctionality

Fashion scarves and scarves 2011: under the banner of multifunctionality

Fashion scarves 2011: winter

Ironically, this winter is fashionable … winter scarves. This means – no frivolous rags, lily ladies` necks will be reliably protected from cold and wind by a large multilayer viscous, several layers of winding superfashionable snows (scarf-loop) and even fur, both natural and artificial.

Traditional Scandinavian jacquard pattern with deer or stylized snowflakes continues its march on the planet: be sure to get this fashionable scarf this season! It will never come out of fashion, it can be no doubt. To make the investment even more successful, you can choose a Scandinavian scarf (or not very Scandinavian) with pockets or integrated mittens – for the most forgetful.

By the way, about integration. Multifunctional things have always been considered a good design tone, and in the fashion for scarves there is where to turn around. This winter, fashion scarves are combined not only with mittens, but also with hats: the hoods have returned to street fashion! However, you can cover your head with any long enough and wide scarf, it not only solves the problem of combining accessories, but also protects your hair.

Fashionable scarves of the rough hand-knitted winter season 2011 are decorated with curly buttons, embroidery, appliqu├ęs, clashing sequins and other frivolous and lovely details. Another way to attract to your well-deserved attention is to choose a scarf of combined mating or from a mix of materials. Invariably relevant, in addition, remain strips – like small variegated or in a marine style, and wide, sweeping.

Perhaps the main new trend in the winter fashion for scarves 2011 was the so-called”Mongolian necklace”: a stretch ring (something in between a crotch and a collar) from the long-hair coat of a llama or its substitute.”Mongolian necklace” looks luxuriously in combination with a fashionable coat, for example, in the hussar style, and with knitted jackets and pullovers.

fashion scarves 2011 winter

fashion scarves 2011 autumn

2011 fashion knitted scarves

photo: Fashion Scarves 2011 by Monsoon

fashion scarves 2011

photo: 2011 fashion scarves from Topshop

fashion scarves 2011

fashion scarves 2011

photo: 2011 fashionable scarves from Lipsy

Fashion scarves and scarves 2011: spring and summer

Barely tingle drops, as the heart asks for something light, playful, spring. Here, help comes fashionable scarves and scarves and stylish scarves from knitted jersey, both monophonic and with bold prints. Due to their ability to drape well, in the first weeks of deceptive heat the neck will be reliably protected from cold, and the look will remain invariably stylish. For example, pay attention to the tight-knit beige knitted scarf from Matthew Ames.

fashion scarves 2011 2010

In the designer collections of the spring 2011 fashion scarves are worn in an original way – tucked under thin straps, as, for example, in Akris, Galliano, Mandy Coon. So the scarf from the accessory turns into a full piece of clothing!

fashion scarves 2011 photos
photo: fashion scarves 2011 from Akris

fashion scarves 2011 photos

photo: 2011 fashionable scarves from Galliano

the most fashionable scarves 2011

photo: fashion shawls 2011 by Mandy Coon

Vintage silk scarves and scarves are returning to fashion. Thoroughly shake the grandmother`s closet – it is likely that you will be able to find a silk scarf with some stunning print, for example, an Olympic bear or Kremlin domes. Does the grandmother live far away or give his favorite handkerchief to no one? It does not matter – in Topshop or H & amp; M you can buy very similar.

fashion scarves and scarves 2011

fashion scarves 2011 topshop

topshop fashion scarves 2011

photo: fashion shawls 2011 from Topshop

fashion scarves 2011

photo: Fashion shawls 2011 from H & am M

Thin and narrow fashion scarves this spring and summer we wear not only on the neck, tying up a magnificent knot, but also on the head, including under the hat, mimicking the style of cowboys – as, for example, in the fun spring collection of Moschino .

fashion scarves 2011 moschino

A fairly wide and very long snow-white scarf with brushes, inspired by the traditional Chassidic costume – mast-hev of the summer wardrobe 2011. It is worn not only by imitating the Hasidic belt with fluttering ends, but also as a stole on the shoulders. A narrow variety of this scarf is tightened around the neck like a tie or simply toss over his shoulder animating the outfit and adding to it elegance.

Good news – the scarves of cheerful psychedelic colors and with the animals are still in vogue. It seems that the scarves and shawls”under the leopard” and”under the hippies”, a few seasons ago passed through the department of extravagance, today finally become a basic component of the wardrobe. So if you have just decided to acquire something like that, the investment will justify itself.

Olga Cernj
Women`s magazine JustLady

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